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Original Post

I would love some help on some Inside Etsy Treasuries!

I would like for them to be only Inside Etsy members. Right now we have over 60 members and we have some really good shops with great products and great photography to choose from.

I will select from these to post on the website.

Show me what you got!


Posted at 8:04pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT


I made a treasury with 9 inside etsy members. Can we post that here? Not for the website, but would be nice for everyone to look at :)

Posted at 10:41am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Sure! Sometimes it's hard to bring it all together, even with 69 members, as of today. There are 18 more that have been invited, and growing daily!

Posted at 2:39pm Apr 6, 2011 EDT

My 4 year old daughter came up while I was typing and saw your earrings. She said "Mmmm...those are nummy!"

Posted at 2:40pm Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Hi there! My name is Judy and I'm new. I have a question about treasuries.

Has anyone reading this actually had sales that they could directly connect to being in a treasury?

Posted at 8:00pm Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Hey, Judy! Don't be afraid, haha.

I've been gone on a wonderful ladies retreat since Thursday and did not take my business with me. I have a lot of catching up to do!

I have been in several treasuries that I can directly relate a sale to!

Posted at 11:35pm Apr 9, 2011 EDT

I have been in several treasuries that I have had sales as a result of as well. Plus, they are a great way to show off your products to more people who might not see them otherwise!

Posted at 3:16am Apr 10, 2011 EDT


So funny you just posted this! I just now finished making a treasury made up of all items from a Animal Rescue team that I am on!

Here is one of our goodies is you want to stick it in your treasury!

Posted at 3:27am Apr 10, 2011 EDT

OK...Here's an all-member treasury for Inside Etsy. Check it out and spread some love everyone!


Posted at 4:06am Apr 10, 2011 EDT


Why don't you put together a treasury of some of your favorite charity teams? I am going to work on my charities page this week and would love to have a treasury to kick it off with. And let your animal rescue team know and to submit their shops to me. In order to give the charities maximum exposure, I'm going to do them a little differently than I do the regular features.

Mainly, I'm not going to stress about the pictures. And instead of doing an interview with each store, I am just going to post a small write up, probably cut and paste something from their profile, so they need to have their profiles filled out good, which I'm sure they do.

Posted at 9:08am Apr 10, 2011 EDT

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