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Original Post

Wanted to start a thread for Facebook pages, blogs and websites.

Write on my wall and I will like you back!

I have a prize giveaway right now.


I want to get to 100 fans on LilahVintage. Once I reach that magical 100 - I will randomly pick 5 (YES - FIVE!) people for LilahVintage prize goodies. Become a fan of LilahVIntage. Please get the word out: tell your friends, like/share this status on your wall. ❤❤❤

Posted at 1:48pm Mar 11, 2012 EDT


giveaway for a beautiful pomander kissing ball! Enter here:

Posted at 8:26am Mar 15, 2012 EDT

I have a brandnew blog as of today!!I Id love people to check it out and sign up... Maybe then I can even do a post or two about you or your products!

Posted at 11:06pm Mar 15, 2012 EDT

I am etsy friendly on Facebook too - every week I share another shop's items on my page. If you like - I will like your shop back and share your items to my followers.

Posted at 6:23pm Mar 16, 2012 EDT

Hi Team!

Please join us at the Pendleton, IN June Jamboree in beautiful Falls Park June 5th thru the 9th. Family fun all around with crafts, yummy food, shows and rides for the kids!

Plus, we will be doing live demonstrations-- hand-crafting our gorgeous writing pens, wine bottle stoppers and really, anything else I can fit on my lathe ;)


Posted at 9:29am May 31, 2012 EDT