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Original Post

Is there a technique for crocheting with this yarn? I used a large hook and half double crochet. It just looks flat.
I also knit, and that makes a fluffy fabric.

Posted at 9:03 pm Apr 4, 2011 EDT


marykaren says

When I use it, I usually use a lightweight yarn (usually a 3) and crochet 2 threads together.

Posted at 9:52 pm Apr 5, 2011 EDT

Thank you, I will try that. The crocheting is a lot faster for me.

Posted at 10:33 am Apr 6, 2011 EDT

Oh thanks - I have some of this yarn but haven't tried using it just yet!

Posted at 12:53 am Apr 11, 2011 EDT

crochetgal says

When working with any of the 'bulky' weight yarns I'll usually find a complimentary coloured #10 (or finer) thread to put with it. That will give a bit of stability when you work with it.

The trim on this piece
was done with a very fine aqua thread. You can barely see it!

Posted at 5:58 am Apr 11, 2011 EDT

ModisteBee says

I to work with two threads held together....makes for seeing your stitches easier and will give the piece more substance :)

Posted at 8:55 am Apr 11, 2011 EDT

oh flip, I still haven't tried using this yarn, I have too much in my boxes and I forget what's there - I love the idea for using it as a trim on the edge of a bag - your work is so lovely Crochetgal :)

Posted at 5:23 am Jun 5, 2011 EDT

crochetgal says

If you enjoy experimenting, you can also do hairpin lace or broomstick lace with it.

This is done with one strand on a hairpin with a K hook

Posted at 1:37 am Jun 8, 2011 EDT

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