Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair Poster and Flyer Distributors needed!

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Original Post

Heather says

We have our print media in hand now and we need volunteers for distributing!
Please reply here and I will give you the contact info for picking some up :)

Posted at 11:10am May 11, 2012 EDT


Hi Heather!

Is there any way to get a digital file of the poster/flyer? I would like to share with my co-workers, as well as friends & family!!


Posted at 3:16pm May 15, 2012 EDT

Heather says

emailing you in the a.m. - thx!

Posted at 1:10am May 16, 2012 EDT


Can you forward me an email copy of the flyer? I want to send it to all those not on FB.


Posted at 8:57am May 17, 2012 EDT

Heather says

Sara, did you get the flyer attachment?

Posted at 4:53pm May 17, 2012 EDT

Heather, No I haven't seen it.

Posted at 7:04pm May 17, 2012 EDT

Heather, I did get it! Thanks!!

Posted at 10:43pm May 17, 2012 EDT

If you post a digital copy here, I am sure lots of us can start passing it around to friends and relatives online/email/etc. I would like a copy, please. :)

Posted at 11:17am May 18, 2012 EDT

Heather says

i am not sure how to post a digital copy here but anyone that wants one can request and i can email with an attachment. i'll email one to you, virginia.

Posted at 12:11pm May 18, 2012 EDT

I got the flyer and I am sending it out to local folks. :-)

Posted at 10:25am May 19, 2012 EDT