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Original Post

SixSkeins says

I just made a treasury featuring members of this team and the Etsy Wedding Fair team - see if you're in it!

Posted at 8:09 am Jun 13, 2011 EDT


very excitingly...ive been featured in my first none bns treasury! :oD


Posted at 7:34 pm Nov 1, 2011 EDT

Hope this is ok to post here...I am curating a BNS treasury at the moment:

~~~Stocking Filler BNS (Buy and Stay) with SPECIAL ROUND~~~
Minimum buy in is $3.

**SPECIAL ROUND** this round- Purchase ANY item from a featured shop (doesn’t have to be an item from the treasury) to be featured in the next BNS.

Want to win a free spot in the BNS??
A free spot shall be awarded to the person who refers the most people to the BNS (doesn’t have to be a featured seller)

Some great items featured this round for a whole range of budgets

Vintage Buttons (a great stocking filler!)
2012 Calendar
Super cute bobby pins :)
and my handmade gift tags
Great way to promote your shop, up your view count and get some sales.
We welcome newbies and have some low price items for those wanting to give BNS a try.
Please stop by and take a look!

Posted at 7:28 pm Nov 16, 2011 EST

im rather late, but i have this one to share that i have been featured in :o)


Posted at 2:20 am Nov 22, 2011 EST

bit of a treasury catch up from me today, this is the last of the much belated june so sorry!

i really am going to try and stay on top of these for the rest of the month...slapped wrists if i dont!

as ever a huge thank you to the kind curators who have chosen to share my goodies :o)


Posted at 2:28 am Jul 19, 2012 EDT

i have quite a few that have built up...and all my items featured are in the Summer SALE...simply use the coupon code SUMMER25 to get your 25% discount :o)


Posted at 2:54 pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT

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