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Etsy artisans residing in the Niagara and surrounding area who are interested in networking.
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Original Post

Please introduce yourself and include any of your personal links to share. We all should join in and 'like each other on Facebook and follow blogs, ect.

Posted at 9:08pm Mar 29, 2011 EDT


My name is Erin I am one of the coordinators at Brocante Lux.
My personal business is Chasing Clouds. You can like me on facebook here:

Posted at 9:11pm Mar 29, 2011 EDT

I am Kathie, one half of 'the FeatherSisters', my sister Carol and I are working on filling this shop with our original art pillows. We also welcome custom work.

I also have a shop under another name, 'fancy4u' here on etsy:

Please join me on my facebook page:

Glad to be part of the team, looking forward to meeting you!

Posted at 10:28am Mar 30, 2011 EDT

I'm Rebecca and this is one of my two shops.
The other is

Aand I have two face book pages one for each shop

As well as two blogs:

Posted at 3:22pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

Kat here! I do all sorts of crafts (have a focus issue) but I'm currently trying to sell just photography, and eventually I'll be adding illustrations as well. My shop doesn't reflect this at the moment, but it will shortly :)


Posted at 4:36pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone!
I'm Rachael from St. Catharines, I do bead woven jewellery:

Glad to be a part of the group! I hope to meet some of you in person at future markets!

Posted at 8:16pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

Hello Everyone,
I'm Brandy from Pelham. I am completely obsessed with making Sterling Silver Jewellery. My favorite technique is wire wrapping. I love seeing pieces come to life with adding design elements and gemstone/swarovski beads.

Please visit my blog:
I am very excited to be a part of this group and to meet other local artists. :)

Posted at 9:03pm Mar 30, 2011 EDT

Hello All,

I'm Jacqueline from Welland and my husband Chris and I have a little cross-stitch pattern shop:

We're new-ish to the area and so thrilled to find there's a little arts/crafts community here to be a part of!

And... we're also on Facebook:!/pages/Wee-Little-Stitches-Cross-Stitch/12769210...

And most recently Twitter:!/weelittlestitch

Posted at 9:26am Mar 31, 2011 EDT

tansyandco says

Hi there here is my blog and Facebook page.
Apparently if you like someone's FB page from your own group page it doesn't appear as a like in the number count. It only counts if you like another's Facebook business page as an individual.. FYI

Posted at 3:15pm Mar 31, 2011 EDT

tansyandco says

I liked you all again as both tansy and co and tansy athanaton-my alias I use just as admin so it would count on your pages.

Posted at 3:23pm Mar 31, 2011 EDT