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Craft Noodle has the following requirements:

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- be kind and courteous at all times
- do not discuss religion or politics or other divisory subjects

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Welcome on board. :-)

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Original Post

Eureka Internet Guides from EurekaGuides says
Edited on Feb 21, 2012

By popular demand, I am starting this thread.

The rules are simple, Use the PinIt Button to Pin something from the shop above to your Pinterest Boards.

If someone is not playing by the rules, please click 'report this post'.

To start us off, I have pinned this item by one of our members.

Mark this thread and heart some items before you go.

Posted at 5:31am Feb 21, 2012 EST

Highlighted Responses What is this?

Eureka Internet Guides from EurekaGuides says
Highlighted Post

Please also add the link to the board you pinned the item to! Thank you!

Posted at 11:59am Feb 23, 2012 EST

Eureka Internet Guides from EurekaGuides says
Highlighted Post Edited on Jul 28, 2012

It has been brought to my attention that some items are getting favorited from the shop above but are NOT being pinned.

Members who do not pin the item, may be removed from the team. It is not fair if your items get pinned and you do not pin items in return.

To ensure that we know you have pinned an item, DO LEAVE THE LINK TO YOUR PIN. That way there can be no doubt.

If you know that someone has not pinned an item, please report the post so that it can be removed. Thank you.

Posted at 2:57pm Jul 28, 2012 EDT

cathy from cathysavelspaintings says
Highlighted Post

We are getting many reports that people are not actually pinning the items and simply hearting them. THIS IS NOT FAIR.

From now on, if you do not post a link to your pin or the board where you have pinned the item, your post will be removed.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO LEAVE YOUR PIN LINK or your post could be removed.

Posted at 3:29am Aug 7, 2012 EDT


Lovely nautical shades of luscious linen !!!
I've pinned it to my 'cute stuff' board :)

Posted at 5:42am Feb 21, 2012 EST

Anna, great idea to add the pin link too! That way we can find each other's boards on Pinterest too. :-)

Posted at 5:50am Feb 21, 2012 EST

Whoops sorry!! just getting the hang of something new !!!! :)
The pin link for the linen pillow from pillowlink above is.....

Posted at 5:59am Feb 21, 2012 EST

Ooops too!
I've just pinned Anna. Has anyone been left out?

Posted at 6:02am Feb 21, 2012 EST