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Original Post

I'm curious if any of you draw inspiration from some of the beautiful places we have here in Michigan. As my field is floral design, I get creatively inspired when walking in the woods (mossy stuff!) in some of the great state parks we have, or sometimes it's just seeing the beautiful color/flower combinations used in flower boxes on the shop windows up in Leland in the summer. What's your favorite place?

Posted at 1:39 pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT


I have this very vivid childhood memory of a sunset by the Mackinac Bridge at Wilderness State Park. I've attempted to paint it multiple times. The colors in the sky... I can't even describe it. Beautiful. :)

Posted at 7:58 pm Mar 30, 2012 EDT

Amanda says

I'm very inspired by nature and I love doing anything outdoors to get inspiration!

Posted at 6:27 pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

The tunnel of trees on the drive up to Cross Village. Nothing like it. It makes me think I'm in a whole other world.

Posted at 7:09 pm Mar 31, 2012 EDT

The beach in Saugatuck. Just thinking about laying there with the warm sun, sand beneath my toes and the sound of the waves makes me relax. Love it there!

Posted at 6:33 pm Apr 2, 2012 EDT

We have a place near Lake St. Helen. I have seen the most amazing sunsets over the lake!

Posted at 2:09 pm Apr 3, 2012 EDT

I absolutely love the sunsets over Saginaw Bay - between Caseville and Port Austin! I have spent many summer weekends there - and it is one of my favorite places!

Posted at 1:55 pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

I can't narrow it to one place in the mitten, but I really love Hartwick Pines ... huge trees & all kinds of birds & plants ... but even here right in my neighborhood I love to walk on the dirt roads watching all the birds & critters and hang out at our lake on hot summer days & play hockey on cold winter ones :)

Posted at 8:19 am Apr 10, 2012 EDT

When I walk out back on our ten acre plot of land in SW lower Michigan I sometimes think it's truly the most beautiful place on earth. I'm always finding inspiration for my dried flower work in nature around me!

Posted at 10:40 am Apr 11, 2012 EDT

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