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Yes! That really is the only requirement :)

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Original Post

I sell on Etsy solely to support my BUYING Etsy addiction. lol

So far, I'm not even breaking even. LOL oh well :)

Here's my newest listing

Please share your new listings here too! :)

Posted at 11:21pm Nov 19, 2011 EST


oh my!!!! i have NEVER seen that station wagon! if only it was in my price range! sooooooooooooooo cool!

Posted at 9:15am Jan 12, 2012 EST

Thanks Jennifer!!

I am so excited to have it, even for a little while!
It truly is like the coolest thing ever :-)

Posted at 11:51am Jan 12, 2012 EST

we have the station and trucks but have never seen the barricade, ladders and hose! you find the most amazing stuff!

Posted at 1:29pm Jan 14, 2012 EST

Thanks again!
It is always those smaller accessory pieces that are harder to find.

A super fun set........Connor has one too!

Posted at 6:50pm Jan 14, 2012 EST