Supporting Artists Team 10/12/11 - Pintrest Wednesday

Who can join?

Supporting Artists Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Supporting Artists Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

If you have received an invitation, please read below before accepting. Thank you.

Membership requirements:

1. Your shop must have excellent photography with at least 2 full pages of items. If you are new to Etsy, we highly recommended you subscribe to Etsy's newsletters which help you get started on the basics.

2. You must abide by Etsy’s TOU and Do’s and Dont’s at all times.

3. No BNR/BNS’s.

4. You must provide an email address in your application.

Team goals:
★ Make beautiful treasuries.
★ Participate in new team projects.
★ Consider Leadership
★ Have a positive and collaborative attitude.

If you apply and your application is denied, it is due to the fact that membership in your shop's category is full and closed or you did not answer the questions in the application.

Thank you♥

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Thanks Maple...saw I had a few views from Stumbleupon.

Here's mine:
#scarf #cats #multicolored #cotton #funky #SAteamEtsy

Posted at 11:33am Oct 12, 2011 EDT

RusticCharmDesign says
Edited on Oct 12, 2011

#rustic wedding #custom signs #home decor #wooden signs #SAteamEtsy

I am new to pinterest, so I hope I am doing this right! :)

Posted at 11:52am Oct 12, 2011 EDT

this is my first day on pinterest, not sure if i'm doing it right!

#hairbow #hairclip #children #teens

Posted at 12:04pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT

I forgot how to add someone, who I don't have listed as 'following' do I do that?

Posted at 12:41pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT

SGArtandFashion says
Edited on Oct 12, 2011

I've been pinning I can't get into my account...says '500' there was an error...being reported to the team..uh-oh....did I do something wrong?:)

Posted at 1:53pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT

SGArtandFashion says
Edited on Oct 12, 2011

Maybe just a glitch...I can get my account now:)

Posted at 2:16pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT

My views have doubled today -- this promotion stuff works!

Posted at 4:41pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT

Cheydrea says
Edited on Oct 12, 2011

I will try this next week possibly. I am still trying to get the grasp of stumble and twitter.

Looks like a lot of fun and great promotion.

Posted at 5:30pm Oct 12, 2011 EDT