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Original Post

I get terribly excited when I open a package and an amazing dress filled with stories and history touches my fingers. Or when a dress comes to me badly beaten and I can sculpt it into something someone else will love again. Sometimes we just want to share what is new in our shop, so, this is the advertisement thread. Tell us what you have!

Remember that slogan from the Ross stores: "It's shoe week at Ross?" I keep thinking of that because it is shoe week at TheTrousseau. I don't really want to deal in shoes, but when they come to me, I will sell them. Here is my favorite:

Now show us yours!

Posted at 10:36am Apr 14, 2011 EDT


Yesterday I posted a listing for custom yarn bowls

Posted at 11:57am Apr 14, 2011 EDT

I listed 2 new items today - here's one of them. Check it out!

Posted at 2:35pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

LuvULots says

Here's my newest listing, a great Mothers Day gift to yourself:

Posted at 4:28pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

All of my jewelry is new but here is the newest!!!

Posted at 11:42am Apr 15, 2011 EDT

This is a great set of personalized note cards. I actually made a set for each of my son's teachers for end-of-year gifts for them. (I am from a family of teachers, and believe me, they really don't want another mug with an apple on it!) They are great for Mother's Day, of course, or a small gift for each of your bridesmaids!

I can do any color or theme you can wish for!

Posted at 12:40pm Apr 15, 2011 EDT

Here's one, but a bunch of new posts come tomorrow!!

Posted at 1:41pm Apr 15, 2011 EDT