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Original Post

I found this listing today and wanted to post it here, but realized there wasn't really a thread for that yet. So here it is! Promote the best of the scientific art you can find!

Love, Dyanna

Posted at 10:22pm Feb 22, 2012 EST


Great thread idea! Will keep it in mind as I come across sciencey stuff.

Posted at 12:27pm Feb 29, 2012 EST

Cool shelf scene. Other cool drawings in this shop too, not all science-y though.

Posted at 10:10am Mar 22, 2012 EDT

Under the heading of Promote Your Fellow Scientists----check this one out from one of our team members---

I love the Beryl Family---Beryllium Aluminum Silicate's have an exceptional dispersion, and the light blue variety of Aquamarine against Silver---quite striking--

Posted at 1:34am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Hi Jim! I don't know much about minerals but this is amazing looking!

Posted at 11:23am Jul 9, 2012 EDT