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Original Post

Hi everyone!

I've been wanting to make some lotions, but I've heard some bad things about some of the usual preservatives, and want to keep it as natural as possible. I have made some before that turned out wonderfully and got used by family and friends, but the few natural preservatives I've found aren't strong enough to keep oil and water fresh for any length of time, and so I'm wondering if any of you have any tips for me? Do you know of any natural/vegetable based/organic approved preservatives?

Posted at 7:42am Jun 16, 2011 EDT


I've been using Tinosan SDC, it's actually made with colloidal silver.

Posted at 8:47pm Jun 22, 2011 EDT

Cool! I'll look in to it! Thanks! =)

Posted at 9:09am Jun 30, 2011 EDT

Yay! Somebody beat me too it... the colloidal silver is a great preservative!

Posted at 4:30pm Aug 2, 2011 EDT

Hmm... I'll have to keep that in mind.

Posted at 1:03am Aug 11, 2011 EDT

I would check out what Snowdrift Farm has to say about the subject.

In the aforementioned article, they talk about GSE and Rosemary extract. We had been thinking about trying the rosemary extract, but heard that it imparts a rosemary scent (which is great for herbal blends -- not so great for others).

Essential oils can have some preservative effect -- some more than others. For instance, I've found that soap that we've made with even small amounts of Australian Sandalwood takes longer to get the dreaded orange spots.

Also, I've heard some negative things about colloidal silver -- such as skin reactions from allergies (I personally am allergic to silver, for instance).

It seems like a good practice when soapmakers list all their ingredients -- so that those of us with allergies can avoid potential allergens. :)

Posted at 2:11pm Sep 26, 2011 EDT

Check out Optiphen- I don't currently use it, but have heard good things and that it is much safer than parabens.

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 6, 2011 EDT

Here's a good article about various natural and chemical (ick!) preservatives. I add Vitamin E to all of my fragrance oils for longer shelf life. Otherwise I haven't dabbled too much in preservatives, but would like to research the natural ones and their uses more.

Posted at 2:53pm Feb 25, 2012 EST

Zoe from ZoesCorner says

WOW, of course the colloidial silver would work!!!!!!!!!!
I saw a video with colloidial silver preserving milk. (something like that)

I use vit E, rosemary extract Jojoba(actually a wax) and benzoin

grapefruit seed extract is another great preservative.

I'm so glad to see everyone reaching out!
I love natural soap! I just made these lipbalms

Posted at 1:51pm Mar 5, 2012 EST

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