No more Dirty Soap! Anyone have SAFE baby products??

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Anyone who makes Bath & Body products and does not use sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. OR anyone who is interested about switching their current products to more natural versions.

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Original Post

All this effort we go through and how much stuff is being produced for the littlest, most sensitive skin??

I think there should be a push for babies/childrens safe health & beauty products! Johnson & Johnson makes me sick to my stomach and I won't even buy their new, safe couple of products! The fact that they still sell all that other nasty junk to poor unsuspecting customers disgusts me!

What can WE offer and how can WE get the word out to parents??

No baby should have to be doused with toxic, hormone-disrupting, carcinogenic ANYTHING.

Posted at 9:08pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT


Oof...just saw this. I don't have too much of my soap listed in my shop at the moment, but having babies was one of the big reasons that I started soaping in the first place. (That and my asthma.) I couldn't bear the thought of putting garbage onto my baby, or using anything on myself that would end up on my skin and then in him because he was breastfeeding.

Does J&J make an actual safe product, now? Last time I looked, even their "safe" stuff was still full of scary junk.

Posted at 3:47am Mar 29, 2012 EDT

Annouk says

Hey there!! I am new here and saw this topic. Although I don't have babies, I consider baby soaps one of the main issues in soap making. It's good to make it as simple as it gets. That's why I make my baby soaps only with pure extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Unscented, without even essential oils.
You can read more here:

Posted at 6:12am Apr 2, 2012 EDT

I do! I do!

I just saw this post today, but I do make a petroleum free diaper balm, baby massage oil, and laundry detergent! I love taking these to new moms at baby showers. It feels good. <3

Posted at 9:48pm Apr 17, 2012 EDT

We used to have a Wee Dreamers line of baby and children products, safe soaps, eczema/cradle cap balms, talc free and non yeast promoting baby powders and everyone thought it was a great idea and so cute but it never caught on. So now I just have our Pure of Heart and Emu Magic cream (only on the stand only website) and it works for all sensitive skins.

Posted at 12:44am May 2, 2012 EDT

Sarah Johnston from LovelyBody says
Edited on Jun 26, 2012

I make an organic glycerin soap bar with silk sea sponge embedded in it. It is unscented and uncoloured, and the sponge is unbelievably soft & gentle on baby's skin. I can add various additions (honey, hemp oil, jojoba oil, goat's milk, etc...) upon request, otherwise the Baby Bar is just plain Jane. The baby bar itself is not yet in my Etsy shop but may be requested upon checkout in messages or a special listing can certainly be set up.

Posted at 10:01am Jun 26, 2012 EDT

bumblys says

Hi I'm new. I finally concocted a blend of EO and phalate-free FO that smells like the J&J bedtime bath. Im making MP bars this week with it. I've had lots of people ask for that scent. :)

I'm a relatively new soaper. I've always made balms and salves and whipped things up for friends when our kids have needed something...but soap is a whole new concept. So far everyone is loving my soaps (but I'm totally jealous of the cool things I see everyone else do that I haven't learned yet)

Posted at 6:34pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT