pinterest Daily Pinning Circle May 4th

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Anyone with a Pinterest Account.


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Original Post

Each day, participants can post one item each from their shop which they have pinned and must commit to pinning everyone's else.
That means if you post, you will need to return to the thread by the end of the day to make sure you've repinned everyone.
The item requested to be pinned cannot be the same as the prior day.
The thread will be closed and a new one started every day.


1. Choose ONE item only from your shop. You pin it to a board of your own on Pinterest.

2. Post link of your pinned item - not a link from your shop but the pinterest link.

3. Everyone else repins the item.

* Items are considered more valuable if they have a # of repins. That's the reason you need to share the link here.

Participating in this, any promotion thread, and/or any social media is a time commitment. Determine which are most well fitted to you and your purposes.
PLEASE adhere to the rules to be fair to everyone else who does.

Regarding whether to pin to one board or several:

The goal here is to get your items viewed by as many people as possible. If you are pinning everything to one board, PLEASE reconsider. Items are found and repinned more often when the board they are pinned to has an appropriate name, description and category.

Board names and descriptions are important for items, just the way SEO is for your shop descriptions. A board name like "items I love" or "etsy finds" won't help items to be found. You want the items you post & pin to be found by "new" people, a/k/a potential customers. A little extra time creating and using more category specific boards makes a big difference.

Consider not leaving the price on every pin, but make sure it shows the name of the etsy seller and that it came from etsy. (add if necessary)

Posted at 1:08 pm May 4, 2012 EDT

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