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Original Post

Hi all, I'm new to Etsy and I know how time consuming marketing is. So, let's use Pinterest to help each other out. Pin one or some of the items before you and then post your own items. Check back often and continue helping out your fellow Etsians! Hope this helps some one generate some new sales!

You can check out my Pinterest profile at:
View the pin board I created specifically for my creations:

Or just visit these items in my shop and pin them for me- I'll check back and re-pin your items too!

Posted at 1:20am Feb 3, 2012 EST


Oh.. And I am following you now :)

Posted at 2:43am Feb 3, 2012 EST

Cindy, I love all your boards! we have similar tastes...

Post some links to your items so the next in line can pin one of your creations.
I pinned a few of your pieces earlier.

Posted at 3:10am Feb 3, 2012 EST

I don't know how to post more than one item.
Besides I like to let people choose from my shop, that way it is a more genuine pick and I feel that is important.
I also feel that in the spirit of this great site we respect pinterest's wishes and not promote ourselves..rather promote others. In saying that I live to see other people's boards and I think a heathy Pintrest acct has a wonderful mix of things they truely love. We should all read the guidelines and respect this wonderful place ad if it was the earth we walk on.

Posted at 3:24am Feb 3, 2012 EST

Oh....typo....Love is the word I was trying to write...not live

Anyway we will all get there, we just need to truely pin things we love...
or at least like,......don't you think?

It makes our boards more special.
It makes Pinterest Special !

Posted at 3:32am Feb 3, 2012 EST

Logan Forrest from HipEarthDesigns says
Edited on Feb 3, 2012

Cindy, I totally agree on making genuine pins of the items in a shop I like the most, I was just suggesting that you post some of your items so other viewers of this thread can look at your your items and decide if your items fit their style and if they want to go on to your shop to find something specific to pin. It helps save a little time anyways. All you have to do is post the links and hit return to leave a blank line between each link. Does that make sense? That's how I've been doing it, and I'm not usually that tech savvy.

Pinterest's rules don't say that you can't pin your own items. They encourage that you post photos and projects you do that you're proud of, as long as you are not using Pinterest solely for self-promotion. And who could? - I am hooked on pinning stuff to my dream homes and dream garden boards. LOL

Posted at 3:49am Feb 3, 2012 EST

Yeah.....thanks for the tips, I have an ipad and it is twice as hard to do the pinning thing than is is on Computer. I take my ipad with me everywhere so this whole Pinterest thing is just up my alley. I love to create boards of things I really love and that is the whole idea. I have looked at a lot of accounts and some people have the Etsy square filled in well but all the other squares are just empty. They are not in the true spirit of what this whole thing is all about. I know you are not, You have lots of great things to offer in your other squares. the whole concept is to create YOUR world in pictures. Not just what you make and put it in square number one.
Have you read the dialogue in the very first thread way back last spring on this team from the captain it is so great. they are trying to figure this whole thing out and they have these really great boards . I checked into many people's sites from way back , nice stuff to check out. If we abuse this site and FLOOD it with just anything and everything ETSY ...worse yet...solid boards of only our stuff, then we stand a chance in the future when how many thousands of Etsians do just that and then where will this site be? This may seem impossible to you but I live in Monterey where at one time there were so many sardines they couldn't catch and can them fast enough. the scientists predicted that the Canning companies in Cannery Row would soon fish out all the sardines. No one believed them. They didn't listen , they just kept on fishing.....and then...sure enough one day there were no more sardines to be found. They had to close up the whole Row!
Everyone lost their jobs, and there were no more sardines. It became a ghost town.
They were not moderate.
I know most people don't want to hear this, or may not even know, but it is a sad fact that if we abuse this Pinterest site..they may take our addiction away ,...then where will we be? What if all we looked at was only Etsy stuff? It could potentially become that if we all work hard enough. There are so many of us working like little bees to get our things promoted that we could by accident over crowd this once balanced site. Think about it.
I know it's late and I should probably go to bed but I guess it just was bothering me and I needed to let it out. I just hope everyone who reads this takes a few moments to see the whole overall picture. You can read about this topic in the threads posted out where admin speak to us. Many really smart Etsians have many threads on this very subject. I am just trying to bring a bit of awareness to our group. I know I'm not the leader but I have never met the leader. I feel though as a member I have the right to express my thoughts. I hope we can refrain best as we all can to not abuse the rules that they have written for us and we can continue to be a welcome crowd and have many things to offer not just Etsy finds but everything else we love to treasure and share.Keep a good balance. Lets not tip over our ship! Going to sleep now, Goodnight !

Posted at 4:50am Feb 3, 2012 EST

I hope I'm doing this right...

Cindy, I pinned this darling necklace of yours just now:

Posted at 3:45pm Feb 3, 2012 EST

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