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Original Post

Here is our shop of the week thread. Please make sure you check out the shop of the week, and help promote them. Like an item in there shop, share there shop on FB, twitter, blogs, etc. The same will be done for you when you are shop of the week :)

Posted at 7:45pm Feb 12, 2012 EST


Our first shop of the week is........... A cup of Whimsy :) Please let us know a little bit about you and your shop.

Posted at 7:47pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

CONGRATULATIONS ~ A Cup of Whimsy!!! "Diego the Dog" is super cute!

Posted at 8:49am Feb 17, 2012 EST

Our new shop of the week is............................Addielynn's Bowtique!

Posted at 11:30am Feb 20, 2012 EST

Molly Feit says

Thank you for picking my shop as the shop of the week! I have to appolgize because I am not on top of my shop on Etsy as well as I should be! As I have 4 kids and a stay at home mom I started my shop after I fell in love with crafting hair accessories. My main goal was to make my 3 girls hair accessories for school, and outings. It quickly turned into a small but profitable business. I have a larger variety of products on my facebook page. It seems much more managable on facebook! Feel free to stop over and visit! www.facebook.com/AddielynnsBowtique Most of my products are created from fabric. I love how there are tons of different ways to make creations from fabric. My strengths are really creating one of a kind products that are reasonably priced and well put together. I pride my work for being hand created, also do many custom orders and am able to come up with products that customers love. (most of my products). I think of of my weaknesses would be social media and just not promoting as well as I should/could! Also not getting new products up on etsy as often as I need to! Over all I would say because the "hair accessory" market is over flooded I personally think that my shop is doing very well considering how many shops have opened up since I have started. I would say that I have an average of 3-5 orders a week going out.
As shop of the week I will be offering 15% off on all my products on etsy as well as facebook until Sunday February 26th. Be sure to mention Minnesta Mommies on Etsy ;)

Posted at 10:24am Feb 21, 2012 EST

Awesome thank you for this intro :) One of my faves items from your shop is this purple bow. I just love the color :)

Posted at 4:28pm Feb 21, 2012 EST

New shop of the week is A handmade princess.

Posted at 12:21pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

Hello all. Thanks for having me. What a fun treat to be the shop of the week. Am I supposed to do something extra special???? Hrm.....How about FREE SHIPPING for all my special MN moms. Here's the code: FreeShippingMN

Okay, about me...I live in St. Louis Park, MN. I knit - A LOT! I am designing new things all the time. So, keep an eye out ;) A Handmade Princess obviously didn't start out as a knit shop, but has progressed to one. But I feel like it still fits, because I still cater more to the girly girl.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of knitting/felting. Cozies and things like that. I'm getting all prepped for Spring Season Craft Fairs.

I have a blog! www.gildaknits.blogspot Just random stuff, really. Oh and I have a facebook: www.facebook.com/ahandmadeprincess

That's all.

<3 Thank you again!

Posted at 1:51pm Feb 27, 2012 EST

This is my fave because I am addicted to bags, and I LOVE the color :)

Posted at 4:48am Feb 28, 2012 EST