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Original Post

narasaca says

Hey i was wondering who is interested to organise a etsy meetup and handmade market in Amsterdam.
Or maybe you know about similar events already organised for this area?
In germany there are a lot of hello handmade markets happening and i think it would be great to have them in holland too.
What do you think?

Posted at 2:07pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT


SuzyJaneB says

I have just recently started to think about doing something at a market, I only now have enough stock to actually do it! But I think I would prefer to take my yarns rather than my art, and I am still working on stock for my yarn store... But yes I would like to participate! But I have the idea that there are already some markets that Etsians are in around the Netherlands, in particular there is a monthly (?) handmade market in Amsterdam, is it in the Oude Gasfabriek? Someone else is sure to know better than me :)

Maybe someone know if we have a list anywhere of dutch markets that would be suited to handmade that already exist. Thought I saw that somewhere...

Anyway I think something that would also double as an Etsy meet would be fun!

Posted at 6:49am Oct 16, 2011 EDT


I am definitely also interested in a list of handmade markets. It would be great to meet other sellers and I would like to try to sell my finger puppets :-).

Do others have some more information on this? Thanks!

Posted at 10:16am Nov 15, 2011 EST

I m also interested in a list like that. And also to parcipate in a handmade market as you suggested. Tough I am also a bit 'sick' of everything happening in Amsterdam while the nice thing of etsy is that you don't have to live in a large city to reach your audience. Am I the only one with these feelings about happenings around amsterdam or any other city more than an hour away (by car)?

Posted at 4:50pm Nov 15, 2011 EST

Yeah, i participated at the last sunday market in AMsterdam and it was really great! But as far as i know this is the only one of this kind in this area!!
I will participate now in germany at some more markets, for example at the handmade cologne!
I still couldnt find a list of different markets in holland, so i still would appreciate if somebody finds a link , or could just post something helpful

Posted at 4:24am Nov 16, 2011 EST
Here is a link of creative markets in Holland en Flandre

Posted at 2:59pm Nov 17, 2011 EST

thats great, thank you! do you have experiences with some of the listed markets?

Posted at 5:50pm Nov 17, 2011 EST

I would go! Only... I have more vintage items than handmade items..

Posted at 9:27am Nov 20, 2011 EST

thanks for the link!!

Posted at 12:35pm Nov 20, 2011 EST

R O from roroism says

thank you for the link:-)

Posted at 4:47am Mar 15, 2012 EDT

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