Pretty Midlands Treasury list to promote Pretty Midlands items?

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Anyone in the midalnds who would like to meet local Etsy folks and develop their business.

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Original Post

What do you think about a creating a treasury list of only items made by Pretty Midlands Team members?

Other teams have done this and it is a great way to promote our locally made items.

We need at 16 team members. You post one of your items below and once we have 16 people, we each create a treasury list using the tags 'pretty midlands', 'pretty' 'midlands'

Here is my item to get us started....

Posted at 9:47 am Apr 16, 2012 EDT


chelleshaw says

Great idea, here's an item from my shop:


Posted at 11:20 am Apr 17, 2012 EDT


I think that's a brilliant idea!

Here is an item from my shop too.



Posted at 4:43 pm Apr 17, 2012 EDT

oh this sounds like fun, here is something from my shop. Go midlands!

Posted at 10:54 am Apr 20, 2012 EDT

Treasuries are a great way to get noticed, especially if it looks really good and appears on the home page!

I have created various Pretty Midlands treasuries for our members, most of which are a bit empty now they are quite old and the listings may have expired, but the last one can be seen here,

What a talented bunch!

When pretty Midlands only had a few members it was quite easy, now there are 178 of us! But yes its a great idea, just remember to include Pretty Midlands in the tags :)


Posted at 5:15 am Apr 22, 2012 EDT

Hi team!

I specialise in vintage things so I don't have anything handmade to put on but I'd love it if one of my shop items can be featured?

Posted at 6:55 am Apr 23, 2012 EDT

Brilliant idea!

Can I please submit this one :)

Posted at 11:23 am Apr 24, 2012 EDT

Hi, I think it's a great idea- i have been trying to put Treasury's tgether featuring just UK sellers without much success, due to the time required to simply track us down!
So I would like to submit this-

Posted at 5:16 pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT

Just incase I can join in here's my product for the treasury

Posted at 5:40 am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

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