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Original Post

TheFoxGlen says

If this thread is against the rules, feel free to remove it. I don’t mean to offend anyone or anything.

I volunteer for Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue, an organization devoted to rescuing retired race dogs and finding them homes, and we’re having our yearly reunion/fund raiser on Oct 15th. This year we’ve had a large number of fosters come in, and a low number of donations for our fund raiser. This event is our largest fund raiser of the year and the source of most of our donations to help take care of these animals. If you’d like more information on our organization you can visit to see pictures of the hounds and get info on how we take them in and take care of them in the mission to find them loving forever homes.

I won’t turn this into a long winded message but if any one is interested in donating an item to our silent auction it would be greatly appreciated. We can give you our tax information so that you can write off your donation. If you have flyers or cards for your shop we’d also be happy to display them with your item so that people know who sent it and can visit your shop.

If you’d like to donate, or if you have any questions, please send me a convo and I’ll send you our official request letter with tax and mailing info. If you need reimbursement for shipping, we can help with that as well.

Again, sorry if this is out of line. Thank you for your time.

Sarah & Pax (The hound)

Posted at 10:51am Sep 24, 2011 EDT


Xnyl says

This is most certainly not out of line this is a very great cause. I'll visit your site and see what I can do to help. But unfortunately I currently I have no Items to auctions off. May I suggest you also post this on one of the animal rescue teams forums on here if you search animal you should find it. And thank you for letting us know about this and best of luck to you in this.

Posted at 4:25pm Sep 25, 2011 EDT