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Original Post

Hey All!
I will be participating in the Party in Pink Zumbathon Charity Event at the Fire Hall in Masontown West Virginia October 22. I will also be donating my Pure as Earth Facial Kit for a drawing price.

This charity benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure and its global non-profit partners to fund breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.

Starting today until October 21 my personal goal is to contribute 20% of the total of my profits here on Etsy for this Charity. Feel free to check out my shop for a good cause this week.

Thanks Michele

Posted at 2:38pm Oct 13, 2011 EDT


great of luck!

Posted at 11:44am Oct 14, 2011 EDT

Thanks beachbumchix!

Posted at 7:06pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT

Well all! It's sad to say, so far this week I have made $3.70 from the 20% profit. I am half embarrassed to give this to Charity. $3.70 is better than nothing. Thanks to the person from Parkerburg WV who made my day. There is still time. I won't be going until tomorrow. Isn't there anything you would like in my shop?

Posted at 5:49pm Oct 21, 2011 EDT

$5.95 total so far is going to Party in Pink Zumbathon Charity Event at the Fire Hall in Masontown West Virginia tomorrow. Thanks Mary

Posted at 7:55pm Oct 21, 2011 EDT