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Original Post

Sooo, there is an awesome idea I was just reading about on my latest etsy e-mail; Craft Party. It's scheduled to happen on June 10, which is a Friday, and the whole point is for crafters and artists to get together and spend a day making something awesome and conecting with each other. Now I don't want to immediatly suggest that we do this within the confines of the gallery, because I think it would be awesome to include atrists who are on Etsy but not with the gallery (for whatever reason). I'm going to go through the suggestions on the etsy craft day page and see what's out there, but if anyone has some ideas let's toss them around. Sarasota is such a creative town and we should get out there and let people see how artsy we can be!

Posted at 6:03pm May 12, 2011 EDT


ssmdesign says

I think it's a great idea and would most certainly be in : D I live in Venice in a neighborhood with a community center and something like that with a large-ish space might work!?! I have also been tossing around the idea of a group party to sell our wares around the holidays if anyone is interested?

Posted at 3:51pm Aug 10, 2011 EDT

I live in Venice also, I think a group pary to sell would be a great idea.

Posted at 1:00pm Aug 11, 2011 EDT

ssmdesign says

twistedmetal~ I'll keep you updated as things progress : )

Posted at 5:57pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

The group party is an awesome idea.

Posted at 4:18pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT

ssmdesign says

anyone interested convo me and I'll keep you posted : )

Posted at 6:13pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT

I live in Venice also and love the idea of a group party for holiday sales.

Posted at 5:28pm Aug 23, 2011 EDT

ssmdesign says

Okay, so here's what I've learned, sales inside the community center at Stoneybrook of Venice are prohibited, however there is a "Fall Festival" planned for 11/5 from 11-3pm which will be advertised by the assoc., so if you're interested let me know and I'll put you in touch with the powers that be : ) A table is $20 and tent is $30 both of which are provided by you.

XO Stephanie

Posted at 6:36pm Sep 8, 2011 EDT

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