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Original Post

Shoot your best ideas at me and earn a special spot on my blog. Gain exposure for your shop in doing so at 4,000 views a month and growing. Can be one time post ideas or regular features. Contact me with your idea and a sample of your writing. I'd love to add you to the group!

xo Michelle

Posted at 2:39 pm Apr 28, 2012 EDT


I started a blog called INTERVIEW SPACE to place the person before the product

Please email me at:

You just need to answer a few basic questions and send me a picture of your face.
I also created a Facebook page for it:

Convo's are also welcome!

Hope to meet you soon,

Posted at 6:08 am Sep 19, 2012 EDT

Mariana Borrero says
Edited on Sep 20, 2012

Hello, I started a blog about inspiration and motivation. I only started it a little over a month ago. I like to talk about my pieces of jewelry and the story behind what inspired or motivated me to make them. I feel as though it gives my pieces just a little bit more personality and a personal touch. I also plan to expand my blog to other team members on Etsy so I am able to feature their item and what inspired them to create it. I plan on expanding my blog in many different ways, from what motivated you to do a certain thing for that day, for example, to donate to charity or talk to a stranger. Also, what inspired you to do something creative. :) Many plans, but surely taking a little bit of time to get where I want to be.

Here is my blog website:

Thank you for the opportunity!

Posted at 10:18 am Sep 20, 2012 EDT


I like your blog a lot. I write my blog at Here I write about my journey as a jewelry artist- the agony and ecstasy of it !

Thank you Michelle .

Posted at 10:54 pm Sep 20, 2012 EDT

I am interested!

Posted at 10:36 pm Oct 4, 2012 EDT

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