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Original Post

Tell us a little background on your weaving history - what you work/weave with.
How would you categorize your work?
Why are you on Etsy?
What are your expectations for selling on Etsy?
How has the Etsy process been so far?

Posted at 10:20pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT


My name is Dianne and I have been addicted to weaving for 24 years. For me, craft shows just weren't doing well anymore so I am hoping Etsy will give me an outlet for selling my baskets. This is my job. I also travel and teach basket weaving classes, mostly around the mid-west area. I've designed many patterns that I sell directly and through a few different basket weaving suppliers. ( So far, Etsy hasn't been quite as successful for me as I'd hoped, but I'll keep trying. I've found that you really have to keep listing, and re-listing things to get noticed. It's too easy to get lost here.

Posted at 10:30pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Welcome Dianne. I am Diane too - at least a different spelling. I'm embarrassed that I'm starting this team and only have one basket for sale on Etsy but I have done a lot of research on Etsy and thought that it would be a good outlet. It really is relatively cheap to list - compared to show fees and gas prices. I don't have any lofty expectations, but would like to gain some new patrons through the process.

Posted at 10:34pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

My name is Dawn I have been weaving baskets for at least 20 years, mostly self taught from kits to begin with then books. Until 2009 I haven't taken any classes then I took my first! Ihave taught beginner classes a lot off and on. I find that like Diane said if you don't relist all the time on etsy you will get buried and it was a lot eaiser to stay out there before they changed the forums.

Here's to a good team and some kind of exposure on Etsy.

Posted at 11:10pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Welcome Dawn. I hope that you will check back regularly. I'm going to try to keep this going and active - if nothing else, we can cheer each other on. Please join in any threads that interest you.

Posted at 11:14pm Apr 13, 2011 EDT

Hi! I'am Emily. I took my first basket-weaving class in N.C. in mArch of 2000. I have loved it ever since. My mind is constantly churning out ideas for new baskets, some get comleted, some do not! ;) My husband and I moved to the great northwest in the fall of 2002 and out here is where I have gotten more into teaching (mostly local) and also have done lots of demonstrating at local museums, etc. I have done markets and shows and really enjoy that, however, we are now liscenced foster parents for the state of WA. (we have a son, 8 and a daughter,6 both adopted thru Or. state.) We love our little family so much, and have such a desire to adopt again. So with God leading in this direction, I have decided to not do markets, shows etc. this summer. So hence, the ETSY endeavor! =) I also have a website ( and I am hoping that between the two I will be able to keep weaving! =) I have a very supportive, and encouraging husband, which I could not do this without!!
I really enjoy teaching,(basketweaving) , cooking, people, animals, and LIFE in general! =) I'am looking foreward to learning to know each of you better, and hope to be a support to you all! I have looked at all your shops, and feel like you all have waaay more talent than myself, but I can maybe learn from you all! ;)
On my website is more detailed info about me/us, feel free to check it out, and I'm really trying to get my numbers up on my FB page!! The link is on the homepage of my website, a 'like' would be awesome!!! =D
blessings to each of you! -emily-

Posted at 1:36pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

Welcome Emily. I'm hoping that some of the basket weavers - including you - will try to visit this team forum often and keep some type of dialogue going. If nothing else, we can support each other. As I said (somewhere in all this stuff I've written) I don't have any high expectations of Etsy - particularly in this economy - but it would be nice to find some new patrons and make some new friends interested in basketry. I also plan to use my Etsy shop as a place for my regular patrons to see what I've got on hand since they are spread across the country. Feel free to convo me any time if you feel like my 30 years basket experience can be of any assistance to you. We're certainly a country apart geographically but it sounds like we are much closer in mindset.

Posted at 7:44pm Apr 14, 2011 EDT

Hi! I'm Fran. I have been weaving for 20 years. I have taught classes in a local Home Information Center and in my basement! I really can't get enough of it! I love working with reed and twill patterns. I also like combining round and flat elements.
I am searching for an outlet for sale of my baskets.

Posted at 1:11pm Apr 20, 2011 EDT

Welcome Fran, :). ..... I weave in my basement too....;) Your baskets are lovely, I especially like that heart one! I'm glad you joined this team, we need more people..:)

Posted at 6:53pm Apr 20, 2011 EDT

Hi Fran,
We are glad to have you on board. I ditto Emily in saying your baskets are "lovely". You have a great eye for twill and you're doing some interesting and unique designs. Twill work is my thing too - in river cane. I would like to see us keep this team active so y'all check back periodically and chime in with what you are interested in.

Posted at 8:14pm Apr 20, 2011 EDT

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