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I have many Pinterest kitsch boards that you're welcome to follow and/or join.

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Original Post

Hi All Kitsch lovers! I'm new to this team, just thought i'd share a kitschy treasury or two with you, and would love to see yours!

Pink Flamingos!
pink flamingos marching into your brain.


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Posted at 4:19pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT


This one is a bit naughty...

Sweet and Naughty Dirty Girl.

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Posted at 6:36pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

This treasury is formerly known as ...

Purple Rain....I never wanted to be your weekend lover.

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Thank you!


Posted at 9:54pm Aug 13, 2011 EDT

La Sirena...
Mermaids whisper secrets to sea urchins,
they knit coral at night and dine with sea glass,
while laughing at the fish.

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Posted at 12:37am Aug 14, 2011 EDT

Summer Pin Up in Polka Dots.

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Posted at 4:28am Aug 17, 2011 EDT

Check out this Wanda Jackson: The QUEEN of Rockabilly Treasury!

"Ever since the world began, a hard headed woman is a thorn in the side of a man."

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Thank you!

Posted at 6:09am Aug 23, 2011 EDT

"You can do anything, but stay off of my blue suede shoes."
(or my vintage clothing!)

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Posted at 3:13pm Aug 24, 2011 EDT

Amber in the Sea
A collection of vintage amber and turquoise glass.

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Posted at 12:37pm Aug 25, 2011 EDT

Dia De Los Muertos.

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Posted at 7:23pm Aug 28, 2011 EDT

Whoever said a rainy day means YOU have to be grey?

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Posted at 2:12pm Aug 29, 2011 EDT

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