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Original Post

Post your sales and coupon codes here :) at the moment Twizzlez is having a SALE!!! 20% OFF EVERYTHING enter coupon code FUNKYMONKEY at the checkout

Posted at 6:41am Jun 5, 2012 EDT


I'm offering free shipping in my shop until Sept. 14 on everything, no code needed!

Posted at 1:49am Sep 4, 2012 EDT

I'm having a Cyber Monday SALE! :D
Everything is 15 off - coupon code SALE15

If you wanted to buy jewelry such as this:

now is the time to save some $$ :D

You can also follow me on Facebook -> where you can see everything I ever made and get regular updates on new items / sales / giveaways :)

Thank you for your time and have a great day! \o/


Posted at 8:20am Nov 26, 2012 EST

USE THE DISCOUNT Card25 for 25 per cent off all cards in my store until 7 May 2013

Posted at 8:33am May 1, 2013 EDT

ok you guys have been amazing over the last week and with it being a Bank Holiday weekend i'm going to offer 15% off in my etsy shop (just click on shop above) just add code 'SUNNYDAYS15' and i will post out some lovely items to you on tuesday!!!

Posted at 1:46pm May 3, 2013 EDT

SPECIAL DISCOUNT 25% OFF on colorful Paintings ONLY for mother's day !!
Here's the coupon Code: MOTHERSDAY25
Expiring May12 !!
Chk out these paintings !!

Posted at 2:32am May 7, 2013 EDT