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Original Post

LoLoMakes says

I have an odd numbered dish set that is Denby Potters Wheel Rust. It was my aunt's mother-in-law's before she passed. It was given to me to use in my new apartment. At the time no one knew it was a collectible. I no longer use the set. My British husband says it doesn't look modern enough to him, so its all boxed up. My aunt doesn't want it back.

My question would I go about selling it the best way? Piece it out or as a group. Off the top of my head, i'm unsure about how many pieces i have. There are probably 6 plates, 5 small plates, 6 bowls. some mugs, the sugar bowl, the creamer cup.

I was really surprised to find a team specific to Denby Potter! Love it.

I'm still not sure I want to sell it. I really love it and might just keep it until my children get older. Or until my Brit goes senile and can't see the dishes. Anyone that can give me some info on the set would be great!!

Posted at 2:35 pm Apr 19, 2011 EDT


Welcome to the team!

I'm not sure what the best way to sell that set (if you choose to do so) would be, but here's my advice:

1. Check to find out how much your items cost there, if they're available (I think the items on are generally new, or at least like-new):

2. See how other sellers have listed similar items. For example:

3. Think about whether or not your items are more likely to sell all together in one big set, or separated out into smaller sets. A couple things to keep in mind: shipping costs, and versatility of the pattern (i.e. whether or not somebody's likely to be able to integrate just a few items into a collection of a different pattern).
You should also ask yourself whether you'd be inconvenienced/disappointed if only a few items sold, leaving you to deal with the rest (e.g. just a bunch of plates). However, one benefit to listing in smaller sets is that it allows people to buy some nice items without making a huge investment; also, you can always work out a deal for the full set if somebody is interested in buying everything.

Personally, I'd list the items as follows:

1. Cream and sugar set
2. Mugs
3. Place settings (large plate, small plate, bowl)
OR 3. Separate listings for sets of large plates, sets of small plates and sets of bowls

I'm no expert, but I hope that helps. Good luck deciding what to do!

Posted at 3:51 pm Apr 19, 2011 EDT

LoLoMakes says

Very good advice! Thanks for the links...

now i'm wondering if i shouldn't just buy the missing pieces and keep a complete set! oh the indecisions!

Thanks again!

Posted at 6:06 pm Apr 19, 2011 EDT

My pleasure. :)

Posted at 6:21 pm Apr 19, 2011 EDT

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