Who can join?

Click & Comment is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Open to all that enjoy treasury making!


1. Posting: Within 15 minutes of posting your treasury to the thread, you MUST click and comment on the 7 treasuries above to the one you posted.

2.In terms of clicking, this requirement is on the honor system as there is no way to track who is or is not "clicking." We ask that you click on 2 items.

3. Each post can only feature 1 treasury

4. BNR: These treasuries will be promoted in a separate thread, not in the main treasury thread.

5. Please do not post separate threads to promote your shop. There are threads created specifically for this purpose.

6. Etsy rules and regulations apply here as well – at all times.

7. Abuse/Spam/Violations: Rude comments, non-compliance with rules/guidelines, spamming and/or anything else that is outside the scope of this team will not be tolerated. Integrity and honesty are of the utmost importance. Always.

8.ONE store per store owner.

9.Etsy's treasury policy states that the 16 spaces of the treasury should include the work of 16 different artisans and that the curator should not be featured. As a member of a treasury promotion team, please do not post treasuries that fail to meet Etsy's standards. This includes treasuries curated by others and yourself.

10.You can be a member of as many treasury teams as you like as a member of Ccteam Treasury Team and are welcome to use other team tags on treasures as well. But please do not post treasuries where the curator comments are used to actively 'recruit' to other teams. That is why team captain and leaders have an 'invite' tool on their team pages :)

Treasuries are for promoting artisans you admire and not yourself.

This team has no treasury making minimum requirements and we do not require that you include team members.

Please try to add to already existing threads, instead of starting new ones.

Thank you :)

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