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Original Post

necklush says

This thread is called Suggest a Website! Please tell us your favorite websites! Simple! Something that inspires you... it can be anything really... Creativity, Visual Art, Fashion, Inspiration... what ever you turn to to get your creative juices flowing! Please give us a link and a little about why you like it!

Posted at 4:32 pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT


necklush says

This was cool, and it willl take a while to absorb for me!

Personal manifestos of some of today’s smartest and most renowned international designers. - saw this on Twitter via Cyberoptix Tie Lab( ) via Etsy

Posted at 8:37 pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

necklush says

have you ever visited Supermarket before? It is run by very nice people, and offers wonderful stuff! Their tagline is "Great Design, Straight from Designers" here is the link:

Posted at 10:28 pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

Just checked out Supermarket. Looks like something that's going to need a closer look soon! Thanks for the link.

Posted at 10:58 pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

I haven't heard of any of those links, but I'll be sure to check them out!

Here are a few for you: ~ Amanda is the sweetest person, and she channels inspiration and compassion for me almost every day. I love her blog. If you read it for yourself, you'll see why! ~ Ian is currently on a writing hiatus, but he is an incredible human being who lives in South Africa. His photography partner was living in Japan, and they had never met until the earthquake. His posts are so incredibly moving, that it's worth reading the archives... I hope he posts again, soon. ~ This happens to be the website of my sister/cousin/twin who lives and works in SF. She's a well-known photographer, poet, and amazing human being. ~ This is the website of my dear friend, Kat. We have never met, but we share stories about horses, cats, and dogs. We trade books, clothing, and we always share art. She is a very special kind of artist. ~ An amazing story about a talented photographer, named Noam Galai and the rights of artistic license. His story is so inspirational, and he's an incredibly gracious person.

Enjoy, everybody :)


Posted at 11:30 pm Apr 21, 2011 EDT

I like checking in on the artists and art singled out by the excellent curator on his blog:

I have more but of course can't think of them right this minute, will check back in later :)

Posted at 8:34 am Apr 22, 2011 EDT

thedots says
My favorite photographer.
A woman who is a tornado of creativity, who creates astonishing works of art out of paper.
Love this man's work!

Posted at 9:21 am Apr 22, 2011 EDT

necklush says

can't wait to check out these links this weekend! Thank you for these:)

This is my goto site when I need to listen to some deep thinking... some can be a little new age, others can be pretty far out, some are really mind blowing... but by far the most interesting interviews of interesting people I have come across in one place in a long time. It is only $5.00 a month (to access the full interviews), and worth every penny. I usually listen to these while I am working or computing... It's the Conscious Media Network (interviews section)

Posted at 5:05 pm Apr 22, 2011 EDT

necklush says

this is a cool place for art. you can join and heart other peoples art, and the more hearts they get, the longer they stay on the front page. sort of an appreciation society. kind of fun... Society 6

Posted at 12:10 pm Apr 23, 2011 EDT

DOTS! I love the websites you posted ~ so creative and beautiful... and Troy, I just joined Society 6. I'll recommend it to my 2-D friends who are looking for new exposure.

Thank you, everyone :)

Posted at 4:42 pm Apr 23, 2011 EDT

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