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We are a group of people who like to post nice stuff to think about. That's all! No requirements. If you join and can post good stuff, that would be great. If you want to include members of goodvibes in your treasuries that is equally awesome! We will have threads that the public can read if they want to, you are not required to join to appreciate the content within.

Potential threads: motivational books, quotes, links, treasuries you've made, tips on business, marketing, networking, and a promotional thread for members as well.

Regarding promoting items. We have One thread for promoting items. Please use that one for your Etsy promotions. All other promotional threads will be closed. here is one for promoting items & treasuries:

If you have not contributed in any way to this group other than just promoting your items we really encourage you to do so. There are a hundred promotional teams on Etsy and this isn't one of them... Altho it is fine to use the "promote your items" thread. We encourage you to instead contribute to the theme of this team by adding to the threads that involve books, authors, speakers, movies, thought ext.

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