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Original Post

Feel free to share your:

~Blog Posts
~ Anything Else!

*Please note there are separate threads for new items, BNR's and treasuries. If what your sharing is one of these it may be found faster in the appropriate threads =)

Posted at 11:56pm Jul 29, 2011 EDT


Last weekend for 10% off in my shop!

Posted at 1:16pm Jul 30, 2011 EDT

MoiraCoon says

My latest blog entry is about having upcycled an odd trash find into a one-of-a-kind jewelry display for shows (and is probably the most upbeat story about having discovered a headless/limbless torso in a dumpster that you’ll ever read).

I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 4:44am Aug 7, 2011 EDT

I recently started a blog and as a kickoff for the blog, I am hosting a raffle this week only! Please stop by and tell all your friends. =)

Posted at 11:53pm Aug 15, 2011 EDT

I'm having a Givaway!
Simply go to my facebook page, like it if you haven't already, and look for the thread with angel on the cloud and post a comment! That's all you have to do to enter. Here's the link to my facebook! Hope to see you there! Good luck! Winner will be chosen Monday!

Posted at 1:39pm Sep 2, 2011 EDT