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Original Post

neonmorgan says

Hi there,

Welcome to your team's own personal forum! This is your place to facilitate constructive communication within the team. It can serve as your team's main discussion hub, or a place where you post announcements every so often. You must follow the Etsy Forum guidelines when posting in the Teams Forum, and make sure that you are familiar with the Teams DO's and DON'Ts.

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Morgan and the Etsy Community

Posted at 1:31 am Apr 29, 2011 EDT


Welcome mountain dwellers of the world! I hope you stop by!
~Take care.

Posted at 1:33 am Apr 29, 2011 EDT

The Hippies from Oregon here representing. We live in Sandy, Oregon next to the Bull Run River and on the base of Mt Hood. PEACE!

Posted at 1:24 am Apr 30, 2011 EDT

Welcome Oregon Hippies! I love Oregon, beautiful place, much more lush than our Rocky Mountains. Great microbreweries in both places though.

~Have a good one!

Posted at 3:05 pm Apr 30, 2011 EDT

What's going on Mountain Folk?

Posted at 1:31 am Aug 7, 2011 EDT

Nothing much out here in Flagstaff! Just another beautiful day, checking up on Etsy while I'm at work. Going to start in on my Halloween critters tonight.

What's up out in your neck of the woods?

Posted at 12:51 pm Aug 19, 2011 EDT

Where are all the Mountain Men?

Posted at 1:36 pm Nov 25, 2011 EST

Here from the rockies of Montana!

Posted at 11:40 pm Dec 26, 2011 EST

A Massive hello from the top of the Rockies! 2miles high baby!!!

Posted at 8:22 pm Feb 16, 2012 EST

Another Oregon Mts member! I live on the east slopes of the Cascades. Living here is not easy by most peoples' standards, but I love it! 50 miles to anything but the most basic shopping, if you don't have it, make it or get creative!

Posted at 9:09 pm May 2, 2012 EDT

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