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Damn, had to work so missed it. Thank you for doing these though!

Posted at 8:09 pm Jul 27, 2012 EDT

The next TTT weekly BNR will take place Thursday August 2,2012 at 10am to 1pm (est) Hope to see everyone there.

Posted at 3:29 pm Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Sorry guys I got called into work do I wasn't able to run it today. I will do it Friday the 3rd 10am to 1pm . Sorry for the inconvenience

Posted at 1:31 pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT

Hello Everyone!!!
Sorry I have slacked off on the BNR. August was a crazy month for me at my day job. My schedule is always changing. Now that September is here things have calmed down a bit. So after the one month break I am ready to get this weekly BNR going again. I will start it up again tomorrow morning. 10am to 1pm est. Hope to see everyone there. I will be sure to send everyone featured a convo. Whoever was on the last board your spots wil all carry over. I will also post the link here once it is up and ready to go. I hope to see everyone there! :-)

Posted at 8:49 pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT

I have to work, but might be able to peek in during lunch.

Posted at 10:13 pm Sep 9, 2012 EDT

We will be open Sunday Ocober 23rd from 3pm to 6pm (est)

Posted at 10:08 am Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Do you mean today Sept 23rd? or October? I will unfortunately be at work---if it's slow I'll try to come on..

Posted at 12:47 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

Oops! Yes I meant today september 23rd....

Posted at 3:33 pm Sep 23, 2012 EDT

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