Interactive Blogging Members

Who can join?

Interactive Blogging is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Anyone interested in keeping up with communication with other bloggers and willing to participate in the team. If you're a blogger who just adds new people and that's it or someone who just likes post and runs then this is not for you.

This team is a place for asking advice on blogging, organising blog swaps and ad trades, interacting with other bloggers, promoting each other's blogs.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in then please join pur team :)!

*No starting new threads just to self promote yourself.
* No hijacking other threads to promote yourself, your blog or your shop.
*Please do not join the team if you just want to post and run.

Other info:
We have a team hash tag which can be used to tweet and retweet other members which is #actblogteam if you use it please make sure you RT others.

actblogteam can also be used as a keyword for team treasuries.

We are also looking to start up a team blog :)

Please start your own threads :) and lets make this team as interactive as possible :) !

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