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Original Post

Lisa W. B. Walker

Etsy shop:




Item from Etsy shop:


I'm a mom with kids who are old enough so I have a little more free time to expand my business - yeah!

I have a studio at home where I do my painting, shippping, photographing, etc, but I do the rest of my making (throwing, glazing, firing) at Potters Place, a cooperative pottery studio in the next town over.

My work is collection driven and based on every day experiences. I love living in New England because of the seasonal changes. I find inspiration in the seashore, the seasonal flowers and the functionality of good pottery as it relates to local food.

Posted at 11:16am Sep 30, 2011 EDT


Congrats Lisa!

Posted at 1:31pm Sep 30, 2011 EDT

what a great surprise! Thanks!

Posted at 3:05pm Sep 30, 2011 EDT

Awesome! :-)

Posted at 7:35pm Sep 30, 2011 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 10:42am Oct 2, 2011 EDT

Thanks for the write up! My herb stakes are definitely my best seller on etsy. My shop is pretty low in stock because I have a hard time estimating shipping costs on items. If you are curious about the rest of my work, I encourage you to visit my flickr account through my website. I also write a lot about other potters with who have a connection to food. I'm always looking for new potters to feature, many of whom are team members. A link to my blog is also on my website. My blog was voted one of the top best 50 ceramics blogs earlier this year. is where all links can be found. Thanks again for featuring my work!

Posted at 3:04pm Oct 2, 2011 EDT

Great article, I love Lisa's blog!

Posted at 10:23am Oct 3, 2011 EDT

So great! Congrats!!

Posted at 10:30am Oct 3, 2011 EDT