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Original Post

Post you recommendations for places to find great costuming pieces here. Feel free to describe your own or others' Etsy shop inventories, or point us to other fabulous places to fulfill our costuming desires outside of Etsy.

Posted at 4:31 pm May 16, 2011 EDT


The Thrift store, my fellow dancers, hands down! Give me a thrift store, a sewing machine, and some random odds and ends and I will give you a totally stage worthy costume like no other!!

If I were to BUY costume items, which I do occasionally...
I have some luck with Moondance Bellydance, but their shipping is SO high it is a definate deterrent. When I shop from there I usually group an order with my dance partner to help with that, but their prices are good and I haven't yet had any issues with quality.
Through a local vendor I have bought some items by Sharif Wear and I totally love them. They have a website you can purchase from.
Ashner by Elizabeth, , makes awesomely versatile hip wraps. I do not own one, but a few of my troupemates do and I regret not having gotten one when she was at Tribal Rev last year (I will make up for it this year, I swear!). The design is great; a hip wrap, a top, a cover up. Love it.
On Etsy here, I have not purchased from this seller, but have communicated with her some and she is so kind. I LOVE some of the items in her shop.

Posted at 10:06 am May 17, 2011 EDT

SewCherie says

Love the thrift store! I'm pretty good at 're-vamping' items so I've had good luck modifying vests in to underbust vest/tops, skirts into panel skirts or pantaloons, tops in to cholis, palatzzo pants into harem pants, belts into headbands....

Posted at 10:51 pm May 25, 2011 EDT

RosieKohl says

Hello all - just joined and felt like contributing :)

I look at Etsy a lot but my most favourite vendor at the moment is Tribal Bazaar. They're always fast with shipping, have a great range of products and their prices are very reasonable!

I'm saving up to blow some cash on a deluxe costume item one day.... but for now I'm sticking to thrift store/vintage store finds.

Posted at 6:32 am May 31, 2011 EDT

wingsofsin says

I second the tribal bazaar for lots of fun jewelery. I also get great jewelery at Plus they are always super nice when I order.

Posted at 4:57 pm Jun 30, 2011 EDT

Moondance burned me a few weeks ago so my new favs are Tribal Bizzare they sent a free gift :> and Tribe Nawaar.There prices are a little steep but the have lots of bigger sizes and the fabric is superb comfy!! Alos look for sales at

Posted at 3:25 pm Feb 23, 2012 EST

Consignment shops are really great places to go. A lot of the time you can get broken or mismatched earrings, or other forms of jewelry for free or dirt cheap. Great for little bits of sparkle or dangle.

Posted at 2:44 pm Mar 2, 2012 EST

Tribal bazaar is one of my favorite shops. I would also try Magical Fashions as well.
I go to consignment shops often to pick up vintage pieces especially jewelry and clothing accessories.

Posted at 1:56 pm Mar 3, 2012 EST

Jill from HolyokeStudio

Changed from lionjill on Jul 20, 2016


I am starting to carry more dancer things -

Posted at 8:55 pm Mar 7, 2012 EST

Check out - a bellydance links directory. There's a section for costuming.

Posted at 3:53 pm Apr 23, 2012 EDT

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