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Original Post

A question was brought up about tagging our items with ppt team so they are easier for us to find each other to create treasuries. While this is very good and valid many of us belong to several teams that ask us to tag our items with the team tag. The problem is that this uses up so many of our discription tags that it leaves us little left to use to discribe our item. So I am asking the following questions.

Do you think that the pros out way the cons when tagging your items ppt team?

Would you be willing to list most of your items with the team tag?

I will leave this question open for a couple weeks to give everyone a chance to give feed back and then we will decide whether to tag or not to tag.
Thank you

Posted at 12:08 am May 31, 2011 EDT


chicetchoc says

Personally, I think it's much better to use a team tag. It makes it far more easier for people who want to create treasuries using other team members items, without having to trawl through all the team members shops. I'm currently in the process of tagging all my postcards with the team tag.

Posted at 10:13 am May 31, 2011 EDT

I don't mind adding in the team tag wherever I can. As said above, makes it so much faster to find items when making treasuries (which I love to do). Personally, I'm on dial up and going shop by shop to find what I want takes forever! Even if we just tag 25% of our listings, it helps get to our team shops faster. As this team grow, which I know it will, this will become even more important. net....count me in for tagging with PPT Team

Posted at 6:51 am Jun 1, 2011 EDT

Based on the feedback, as a team lets try to tag as many of our items ppt team as possible to make it easier for our teammates to create the team treasuries. Thank you

Posted at 8:51 pm Jun 2, 2011 EDT

Consider it done My Captain

Posted at 8:28 pm Jun 3, 2011 EDT

chicetchoc says

Just bumping this up again as I've just done a search for members' items and there are only a few members who have tagged their items.
Please tag your postcards if you want to be promoted and featured in treasuries.
Thanks. :-)

Posted at 6:39 pm Jun 10, 2011 EDT

This is a really good idea. It is hard to search through for treasuries!

Posted at 8:19 pm Dec 20, 2011 EST

thank you for the reminder

Posted at 9:46 pm Dec 20, 2011 EST

thanks for the invite and I am happy to tag my items.

Posted at 4:54 am Dec 21, 2011 EST

Thanks for the invitation.. I definately will be tagging my postcards, all of which are Vintage.

Posted at 7:37 am Dec 21, 2011 EST

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