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Original Post

Mary says

Hi, Im new to this team. My name is Mary and im triing to sell my crochet items. I Have had my shop on Etsy since February, and im really not making many sales at all. Any Help with that??? Feel free to critique my shop, any input is appreciated.

Posted at 9:03 pm Jul 21, 2012 EDT


I haven't made any sales for this shop, so I'm no expert. But my 2 cents...

You do darling work, but your photos are too dark and don't show your items as well as they could. Can you lighten your photos? You're allowed to enhance them as long as the result is true to the item.

You might try adding more shops to your circle. Many will add you back, and that will put you in their Activity Stream any time you favorite anything. Circles were meant for customers, but I only see shops using them. Still, shop owners buy as well as sell on Etsy, too. :-)

Posted at 12:03 am Jul 23, 2012 EDT

Mary says

Thanks for your comments. Do you think its just the photos? What else could be wrong? I took photos outside and thought they looked better and brighter than when i first started out(its been since Feb)
And i didnt know that circles were for the customers.

Posted at 9:40 am Jul 23, 2012 EDT

I run across very, VERY few customers who join circles, but Etsy is trying to do the social networking thing. Le sigh. I'm not into SN.

Part of your problem is it's hard to sell warm hats and gloves in the summer. Come Fall I think you'll do better. Your stamps are cute, and might do better if you put one or two in your Featured items. I missed them yesterday because I didn't scroll down far enough, so I imagine others may too.

Otherwise, LOTs of people are saying it's slow. Summer's always been slow on my website (I sell historical sewing patterns), and it's slow in all three of my shops on Etsy. I'm holding my breath until Fall ..... :-)

Posted at 10:12 pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT

Mary says

Thanks for your support! I really really appreciate it.

Posted at 6:31 pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT

Hang in there. You might want to invest $10 or so in Search Ads. My stats show that I get twice as many views during the weeks that I run Search Ads vs. the weeks that I don't. Yes, this costs you money, but it increases exposure and more traffic = more potential sales. I also find that pinning my stuff on Pinterest and posting new designs on FB helps. In fact, I just got a new customer through FB by posting a design last month. She bought the design as soon as she saw it pop into her feed. People like you and I that run "niche" shops need to cast the net as wide as possible. Best of luck.

Posted at 2:07 pm Jul 25, 2012 EDT

Mary says

Thanks so much for your ideas! And Good Luck to you too.

Posted at 8:55 am Jul 26, 2012 EDT

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