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Original Post

My newest hair scarf/head wrap - Rhythm N Blues:

MIX IT UP - Rhythm N Blues -- Kick Start A Great Night With This VERSATILEHand Knit Summer Hair Wrap/Body Scarf. Link to Fun & Simple Scarf Bun Styling Video Included in Post

Posted at 6:52pm May 26, 2011 EDT


MoiraCoon says

I just added bed bug poison, sulphuric acid, and permanganate of potash to the collection of poisons, potions, and patent medicine charms in my shop.

All mere props...of course.

Posted at 10:34pm May 29, 2011 EDT

Hello everyone! I know it's been a minute, but I've been busy with custom orders lately *YAY!*

Here's my latest IN STOCK hair scarf/ headwrap:

Posted at 11:38pm Jun 13, 2011 EDT

MoiraCoon says

I had decided to take the long weekend to work on destashing some of my unused supplies and other vintage bits, so I’ve posted some of them in my alternate Etsy shop ( For example:

There’s likely to be even more posted in the next week or so, too. And…as always… my actual work can still be found at

Posted at 1:56am Jul 4, 2011 EDT

Freddismom says

I have got to figure out how to post more that 1 item at a time. OK one more and I'll go away!

Posted at 9:36pm Jul 4, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone! I just uploaded a bunch of new jewelry styles in my shop. :) I am also running a promo for August - 15% off any order with promo code SUMMER11.

Posted at 1:10pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

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