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Original Post

I have done my best to find the cheapest shipping (paypal), and I know this has been said before SO EXPENSIVE to ship from canada! My American competition can charge soooo much less, its so disheartening! The only other option I have found is the venture one deal with canada post but that doesnt seem to save any more than paypal does. I make about half the sales of some of my successful competition and I truly feel shipping is an important factor.

But I cant find any alternative. Pity party to us canadians!

Posted at 3:12 pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT


I hear you, my sister and I have been doing markets locally and have done online in the past outside of Etsy but the shipping kills sales. We've been using Paypal which for a small knit hat that weighs 45 g it was like $6.00 to the US. We went to the post office and were able to ship it for less then $3.00 but there was no insurance. So it's either go to Canada Post directly to get better rates but no insurance or do Paypal and get covered for up to $100 but then pay double. We'd like to to not do markets the rest of our lives but with shipping rates so high we are in a tough spot.

Posted at 7:31 pm Aug 4, 2012 EDT

i totally understand. My pieces can be pricey to make, i cant risk not having the tracking info. I feel like it makes us so uncompetitive. Well I wish you luck!

Posted at 1:44 pm Aug 5, 2012 EDT

A couple of options you have is to either offer the insurance and tracking info for free (not included in the shipping), or list your items without it, but inform your buyers you do offer it, but need to add the price to their shipping before they order.

Good luck!

BTW, I do feel your pain with the shipping rates!!

Posted at 10:34 pm Aug 6, 2012 EDT

Could you raise the price of your items and lower your shipping costs so it "appears" like a better deal on the shipping?

I hear your pain .... I have to deal with my items getting delayed at US customs because they are edible :(

Posted at 10:11 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

yeh i have gone the route of raising prices and lowering shipping, we shall see how that goes for me!

your items are too cute though, makes me hungry

Posted at 10:14 am Aug 10, 2012 EDT

lol thanks :)

Posted at 1:48 pm Aug 10, 2012 EDT

I hear you! I hate how complicated Canada Post can be (to me). Maybe it's not that bad as I have no comparison, but I have been trying to figure out how not to lose money with their lettermail size requirements.
I can send one piece as an oversized lettermail, but what if someone ordered multiple items? It would not fit under the teensy 20mm and I would have to pay out of my pocket to send it as a parcel which is a jump from $2.10 to possibly $20. I can't ask people to pay more than they initially agreed to, and I don't want to overcharge when someone only orders one thing.

I even had a package lost this month (not an etsy sale, but still CP) and had to refund it.

I think I will check out paypals prices and maybe switch over to it or something else. Susanne's idea also sounds promising.

Posted at 3:47 pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT

oh i definitely recommend paypal, you get the tracking info included and even at that the prices are less than just canada post directly. Its easy to do as well.

Posted at 5:57 pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

Paypal can be finicky and often I get the invalid dimensions and when that happens we just go directly to Canada Post. If items are light then light packet is an option for under $3.00. Works for my sister's shop that has knitting items.

It's tricky to raise prices with soap. On some things I can raise them to cover a bit of shipping. We've gotten burned with customers just ordering one items. Just shipped one soap to Nova Scotia and it was $11.50 via Canada Post. I could have done it for $10.50 via Paypal but my sister was convinced Canada Post would be cheaper which it wasn't.

We are convinced if our shipping was cheaper we would have more sales. The weird part is sometimes shipping is cheaper in Canada for larger items. We sent a big box of 20 soaps to the mainland (within Vancouver) and it was under $15.00 using Paypal as they give you a discount. Yet with the one soap travelling further it was expensive.

Posted at 6:17 pm Aug 13, 2012 EDT

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