Etsy Marketeers January Treasury's Make Them Beautiful!

Who can join?

Etsy Marketeers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

JOIN US if you are:
+ an Etsy seller who can offer an outright 10% discount to team members.
+ on the look out for the hottest products and deals on etsy.
+ committed to making 3 team treasuries every month.

The group is open to all etsy sellers in different categories that cover all etsy categories headings found on the etsy home page i.e. accessories, art, etc. Enrollment within a category is limited to 10 max to allow for a balanced representation in different product categories. ETSY SELLER teammates must be willing to comply to team treasury deliverables and extend a 10% VIP discount to ETSY BUYER teammates. 
ETSY BUYER teammates need to create 4 treasuries monthly to promote ETSY SELLER teammates and continue enjoying the privilege discount extended by teammates.

Spot the hottest trends/stores/items/deals within Etsy Marketeers and within Etsy and capture them in treasuries so that we could ride our products on that and promote effectively. All in the spirit of a bigger network that leads to stronger sales.
 Treasuries should either be all ETSY MARKETEERS or have a maximum of 8 non-team products with Etsy Maketeers products.


Each teammate per store enlisted has to deliver 4 treasuries in a month (1 per week). 1 treasury out of the 4 will have a promotional theme that will be team leader led. Some examples of promotional themes could be: (1) free shipping (2) 20% off (3) B1G1F, (4) Buy Now Price, (5) Season Ender Sale, etc. In creating regular HOT treasuries, members can choose 12 hot items from team members and 4 hot items from non members. A hot item is an item an "it" item" or a must have for the moment from a very promising new store or a popular store on etsy). Members must tag these treasuries as "hotspot". The promotional treasuries will be solely a team effort so all 16 slots are filled with team promoted items and the treasury must be tagged "etsymarketeers". Members should post their treasuries in their social networking sites to promote the treasuries i.e. blog, facebook, etc. Note: Members who fall below the quota for 2 consecutive months will have to be removed from the team so that we are also fair to those who deliver and to sellers who are giving the 10% discount privilege.


(1) Buyer and etsy seller members will enjoy an exclusive 10% VIP discount on all purchases from etsy marketeers teammates through coupon codes. Coupon codes can be requested from teammates through convos once there is interest to purchase an item.

(2) Members will have direct access and have a chance to extend ideas with teammates through the discussion board

(3) Members will have access to the hottest talent and promotions on etsy as exposed by Etsy Marketeers.

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