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Original Post


Jewelbox2 says

I have never created a treasury and have no idea how to go about it. What kind of subjects do you pick? How do you put them into operation? Hi, by the way,we are Jewelbox2 and have accepted your invitation to join. We are very new, and have no experience with ETSY. We are trying to learn as fast as possible. Thanks for any help you can give us!

Posted at 12:41pm May 13, 2011 EDT

Hey Jewelbox! Welcome!

Creating treasuries is fun and a great promotion tool.

To start, go to Etsy's main page...scroll down to and click on Treasury (left side towards the bottom)

On the Treasury page, on the top right, click Create Treasury.

Now, choose a theme and find pieces throughout Etsy to add. When you've found something, right click on the title of the piece and click Copy Shortcut, then paste it in one of the boxes on your treasury page and click ok.

That's it! Etsy will notify sellers that they were included in your treasury.

I hope this helps
If you have any other questions, just ask here

Posted at 11:54am May 14, 2011 EDT

Sculptress says

I just started the treasuries this week - here's the latest one!

Posted at 6:24pm May 14, 2011 EDT

I created a treasury filled with items by artists from our treasury!


Posted at 9:37pm May 14, 2011 EDT