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Etsy trade team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

The Etsy Trade Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

1. All participating trading shops MUST have an active Etsy shop with at least FIVE listings.
2. You must have a minimum of Five reviews
3. Your reviews must be at least 4 and a half stars
4. A valid email address is required to join the team
5. Each Member agrees to reply to all trade requests, convos, or emails with a "yes" or "no" and they promise that they won't ignore, or leave anyone hanging.

Note: if you are a new shop and haven't made any sales yet you can apply and you will be accepted once you meet all the requirements.

Of course the more listings you have the better the potential for trades. All of our trading is done through Etsy and the only way you can do that is to have your own shop.

If you apply and do not have a shop with at least five listings, and at least 5 (4.5 star) reviews, we will unfortunately have to decline your application. However, we encourage you to re-apply when you have met the requirements.

The most important aspect of our community is trust! So when applying, we will be looking at ALL of your feedback.

ALL TRADES MUST BE TREATED AND HONORED, JUST LIKE ACTUAL SALES. When there is a dispute, the leaders of the team will try to mediate the situation. When someone is found to be trading in bad faith, they will be removed from the team, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Etsy's Terms Of Use MUST be followed. Please familiarize yourself with them. The one that most affects us is the fee avoidance rule because this can get the team shut down.

Members found to be violating this rule will automatically removed from the team.

Please keep in mind common courtesy! If someone sends you a trade request, please answer them; even when the answer is "NO". It is easy to send a polite reply letting the person know that you are not interested.

Promoting other threads, groups or teams is not allowed.
"Click Farm" Games are NOT allowed, any discussion posts with this type of Genre will be removed.
We do allow discussions and links which relate to running our shops such as how to list an item, how to calculate shipping, marketing your products, etc. When in doubt about whether a link or discussion is allowed please contact the captain or a team leader BEFORE posting.

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