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Original Post

Just an odd idea I had because of the “squirrel incident” in the ÜberMob thread....
What about a little game to shorten the long and boring times between two FlashMobs? I haven’t thought that through, so I’m not sure whether it works...or is fun at all...I’m grateful for every notion!

That’s how it goes:
One person posts a theme or title here (ok, honestly, I’ll do it at the end of this post). Whoever comes along here first, can spare some minutes and wants some fun, shouts out here (Like: Yes!!! or Here!!! or Me!!! or Seriously???). From this moment on the theme/title is locked for every one else and the volunteer has exactly 20 minutes (? 15? 30? what would be doable but still challenging?) to create a treasury fitting the theme/title and post it here. When he/she makes it in time he/she starts a new round and gives a new theme/title....and so on and on.............

Of course you can begin to create a treasury without announcing it first, but don’t start moaning here when someone else took the theme before you officially ;)

Would anyone like to play? It’s seemingly pointless, but does it make any sense?

Anyway, I’ll give it a try: Your title is “Bad Wolf”

And now: Have some fun and be faster than the etsy search engine!

Posted at 6:09pm Dec 13, 2011 EST


Me! Me!

Posted at 6:40pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

...and off she is...

Posted at 6:45pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Karma from KarmaRox says


Posted at 7:04pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

I think I did this in 20 minutes. I had to run downstairs to take something out of the oven. It was only a little burnt...

Next up...your title is: Nebulous


Posted at 7:07pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Karma from KarmaRox says


Posted at 7:17pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Karma from KarmaRox says

*looking up nebulous*

Posted at 7:17pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Coooolllll. You reallly made it! And with a stunning treasury! I hope your dinner is still eatable....

Are 20 minutes too hard? I'm not sure....

Sorry guys, I have to go to bed now...

Posted at 7:21pm Dec 13, 2011 EST

Karma from KarmaRox says


Next up your title is "EMOTIONLESS"

Posted at 7:31pm Dec 13, 2011 EST


hmmm emotionless.....


Posted at 8:19pm Dec 13, 2011 EST