123 Promo Team Treasury Challenge #35 April 30

Who can join?

123 Promo Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Only 1 shop per Etsy member, please.

123 TEAM RULES are as follows:

1.) All Etsy site rules apply here.

2.) Be respectful, and follow the rules posted in each thread.

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Original Post

- Challenges will run Monday to Friday, leaving Saturday for the featured shop to choose a winner, and Sunday for that winner to choose an item they would like to be featured in the next weeks' treasuries.
- **Treasuries must be tagged 123Team.**
- Please post your challenge treasuries in this thread for the featured shop to choose the winner from, but you can also post them in the main treasury thread for more exposure if you like.
- Please comment and click on the 7 treasuries posted above yours in this thread also.
- Please do not include your own items in your treasury.
- You are more than welcome to post multiple treasuries for each challenge!
- A shop may not be featured again until 6 weeks has passed. (This time frame may change, depending on the number of team members participating.)
- A "back up" item has also been chosen by the weeks' featured shop, in case the first item is sold, and will be posted here if (when!!) that does happen.

Have fun!!

Posted at 3:44am Apr 30, 2012 EDT