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Original Post

Quick weekend sale... Use coupon code QUICK15 at checkout for 15% now through Sunday night!

Posted at 6:24pm Jul 30, 2011 EDT


20% off any order of $20 and up. Check my Announcement for coupon code.

We are participating in the MEGA PromoFrenzy Specials!! Stop by our @Etsy shop and search for other savings promofrenzyteam #handmadebot

Posted at 12:12pm Aug 1, 2011 EDT

Hi Team, hope you are all having a great summer!!

It's my 1 year Etsyversary today so I'm offering 20% off in my shop till 8/3/11

Posted at 12:32pm Aug 1, 2011 EDT

Prittyfy says

MEGA PromoFrenzySpecials is a Team Event starting August 1, 2011. I am offering 15% off of any order $20 and up (excluding shipping)! Check Shop Announcement for a coupon code.

Posted at 5:44pm Aug 1, 2011 EDT

radusport says

hey !
big 24 hours 50 % off sale!
use coupon code ADRIANABDAY50
its because my mom turns 50 on the 5th august .
so, stop by !

Posted at 3:45pm Aug 4, 2011 EDT


Posted at 3:47pm Aug 4, 2011 EDT

five0101 says

Promotional Frenzy MEGA SALE
Use coupon code FRENZYSPECIAL for ALL shops.

Check out the sales here:

My special:
Get 20% off on ALL items in my shop (www.themayflower.etsy.com). No coupon code needed!
Get 15% off on my supplies shop (www.five0101.etsy.com) with coupon code FrenzySpecial.

Posted at 10:43pm Aug 4, 2011 EDT

I have got 55%off!! Code is SUFUN24 !! ENJOY!! ~KK~

Posted at 11:33pm Aug 4, 2011 EDT

DottedBeeBoutique says
Edited on Aug 8, 2011

I'm having a pay it forward sale. A kind person that I didn't even know got my facebook page over 100 likes. Use code PIFJULIE for 10% off. Good for 1 week ends on Sunday Aug. 14.

Posted at 11:00am Aug 8, 2011 EDT

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