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Also, while I know there aren't any guide lines for furry monsters I feel this little guy needs some tweaking...

This is what some of the other monsters in the line look like, I'd like to have the big mouth monster above have a similar flow but still be individually unique.

Posted at 9:49 am Mar 11, 2012 EDT

Thank you Captain. That didn't hurt at all. I'm going to look more closely at how animals and people stand. I could learn a lot more about colors. I sort of understand what you are saying about that. I will have to do some experimenting.

Posted at 11:40 pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT

I feel my art is missing something, that I have not made the leap from hobbyist to artist. Advice please.

This is one of my favourite small porcelain sculptures.

Posted at 4:40 am Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Please, critique my photograms. This is one of my popular pieces - not the best one, but I pretty much like how it turned out.

I would be grateful to receive critique for my watercolors as well...

Posted at 8:18 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

***THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING, from my other account.***

Please forgive me for neglecting this thread so severely. I am having some personal difficulties at the moment, and will get to everyone as soon as I can. You will receive a convo when you have been critiqued.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Posted at 3:02 pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT

Thanks Capitaine, was wondering. Take care.

Posted at 7:58 pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT

Okay here goes!
Draw by hand by me. Scanned in my sketch, then redrew it in illustrator. After I'm happy with the illustrator drawing, I take it into Photoshop to do some distressing and and vintage looks until I'm satisfied. This is them same process I use for all my prints. Please look over them and let me know what you think. Believe me I can take criticism!

Posted at 1:33 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Kiana G. from kroksg says

I would love to get a critique on this watercolor painting of mine. I got a scholarship for it, but i would like someone to give me a critique because I've never gotten any from another artist like yourself before. I am almost completely self taught and ready for brutal honesty so that I can improve.

Posted at 12:02 pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT

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