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Original Post

I've read a lot about SEO and tags and keywords. When I search in Etsy, I often come up on the first page, so I feel pretty good about that. But I just don't get very many views a day (the most is about 20 and that's only when I renew something or put up something new). I get 1-2 likes a day, which is better now than when I started. I just can't get a lot of views.

I suspect I need to keep working on pictures (I swear I've retaken them all about 10x). It's hard to get ones that really make the jewelry shine yet stay true to the stone's colors, etc.

Any thoughts anyone has, good, bad, or ugly, I want to hear them! Thanks in advance :)

Posted at 3:45pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT


that should say: I often come up on the first page of that category...not the first page of etsy. I wish!

Posted at 3:46pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Oh, your items are awesome! I love all the swirls and springs...

but yes, the initial pictures appear a bit dark to me, do you have a light box or a program that lets you play with the brightness/contrast on your images? I think that would help a lot.

your tags look solid, and your descriptions are nice and full of key words

do you promote via social media? pinterest, twitter?

Posted at 3:52pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Thanks Jenn,
I do promote on FB and Pinterest. I have a light box that I made and that helps, but still can' t get nice bright pictures. I also have Photoshop Elements, but my initial foray into that resulted in colors that weren't true to life. I suppose I need to research how to tinker with my pictures more...

Posted at 4:01pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Hi Dawn,

A proper light box is an Etsian's best friend. Take your pictures outside in good sunlight, shining in from the side of your box, rather than directly on your pieces. You should not need to photoshop them at all if you do this, but a very good free program for cropping, resizing, and 'photoshopping' if needs be is PhotoScape - you can search Google and download it!



Posted at 7:59pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

I love your items and your newer photos look AMAZING! Just take some time to re-take the old ones and make them like the new. Keep the burning tool to a minimum. That darkening around the edges just looks a little too photoshopped for my taste. I think it detracts much more than enhances. Other then that, beautiful shop!

Posted at 8:39pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Marilyn from KandyOh says

One possible issue is that you might be cropping too closely for the main pic. If a buyer cannot tell what an item is, they will move on. Online shoppers are not curious people by nature. Consider zooming out a bit to see if that helps with views.

Posted at 11:02pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

I think I finally figured out how to do the pictures. I'm really happy with how this new round is turning out with a black background. Now I just have to redo all the rest of the pieces in my shop.

Posted at 10:14pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT