BeKind Treasury Team Post your 5/8 Bekind Team Blitz treasuries here!

Who can join?

BeKind Treasury Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

1) Veggies only! If you are vegan this is the place for you! If you are vegetarian, this team is best suited to vegetarians who aspire to be vegan and/or who have a strong understanding of veganism. This is because of our next two requirements...... read on!

2) BeKind treasuries must NOT contain any items that are made with animal parts or products (leather, wool, silk, feathers, fur, honey, gelatin, bone, shell etc.) AND must not have themes that support cruelty to animals (circus, rodeo, horse/dog racing, hunting, fishing, etc.). Since this team is about being kind to animals we want to promote animal friendly items and themes. The other stuff gets enough attention already! If you mistakenly include a non-vegan item in a BeKind treasury and realize it after the fact, just swap it out. Easy! Also, if another team member notices there's a non-vegan item in your treasury they may convo you to let you know so you can change it out.

3) BeKind team member shops should ideally be 100% vegan (no animal products-- leather, wool, silk, feathers, fur, honey, gelatin, bone, shell etc). If the majority of items in your shop are not vegan, then your shop will not be a good fit for this team. If your shop has just a few non-vegan items then it may fit with the team but those non-vegan items will NOT be added to the BeKind team favorites or featured in team treasuries.

4) Members must create at least one BeKind team treasury per month. More are definitely encouraged if you have time! For a treasury team, this is a very low minimum and all members should be able to meet it almost all of the time. If you know you won't be able to make at least one treasury in a particular month, you just need to let us know in the MIA thread (it's private) or convo the captain or leaders. If we don't hear from you and you haven't made the minimum, we will remove you from the team at the end of the month. If you are removed from the team and don't know why, definitely get in touch! We may have removed you by accident, but most of the time it would be because you haven't made the one treasury minimum and haven't given us notice.

5) Feature at least 5 BeKind team members in each treasury, preferably in the top three rows. You must contact all shops that you feature to let them know you treasured them.

6) BeKind teammies are REQUIRED to click and comment on treasuries they are featured in. You are also asked to please click and comment on the FIVE team treasuries above yours when you post. This will help boost the team and will help you, too!

7) You must be active with your Etsy shop, have no serious unexplained problems with your feedback, and have at least one page of items. This is so that team members can be sure they are promoting shops that are committed to selling and providing good customer service, and so that there are a variety of items to choose from for each shop.

8) Your photos should be good and on par with those that are commonly featured in treasuries. However, if you are worried your photos aren't "good enough" don't be afraid to apply anyway! Your photos may fit in fine with the team, or we may recommend some tweaks that would make them fit better.

Here are some very general photo pointers if you would like them:
-Use natural light! Unless you have professional photography equipment, nothing can beat natural light.
-Use a neutral background/surface--white is great!
-Use props sparingly
-Have some of your first shots for items be taken at interesting angles or up close
-Make sure the pictures are bright, crisp, and in focus

9) We will have team challenges, buddies of the week, themes, and other things to help generate ideas. You do not have need to participate in these, but it's fun if you do! And if you have ideas for challenges, etc., all ideas are welcome (we might just ask you to take charge of it!).

10) Tag all BeKind treasuries with "bekind team" ("bekind" is one word, no spaces) and also post it in the discussion forum under the appropriate month's thread.

11) BeKind teammies can be on any other treasury teams they want, and can use their BeKind treasuries to count towards other treasury teams (you'll just have to make sure that's ok with the other team).

12) Consider joining a treasury promotion team to greatly increase the number of views and comments on your treasuries!

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