The Promotion Team Treasury's-BNR ONLY

Who can join?

The Promotion Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:



Do NOT start or participate in new TOPICS OR THREADS

That means if someone other that the team Captain (currently THE PROMOTION TEAM) breaks the rules and starts a new thread, do not "follow the leader" and participate in that thread. The member starting such thread and those that participate in that thread will be removed from our team.

✔ RULE UPDATES­3587/page/8/

Please read the RULE UPDATES thread first for any changes to the rules that may have occurred since the last time you read them.


Prior to submitting your application OR accepting the invitation to team, "FOLLOW" THE PROMOTION TEAM CAPTAIN, then after your first post, the team will FOLLOW your shop and FAVORITE your listings and then they will be shown to others through the Activity Feed. There is 1 exemption to this rule and can be read here: (must be a member to access)­43635/page/1/


Check out all of the currently available discussion threads by clicking the BLUE "Discussions" link on the HOME page or just click this link-->


NOTE: There are 2 Discussion threads for TREASURIES, one for:


and one for:


The BNR only thread is where you can post ANY promotional treasury (BNS, BNR, ect) that is not a regular treasury. Please locate and post in the correct one. Team tags are required for either of them if you are the Curator.




1. NOTE: Please "tag" your Treasuries that you post into this team: (applies only if YOU are the Curator) with:

thepromotionteam (no spaces) and do not include any other tag (stuffing) in that same one. It will be in its own separate space.

All Treasuries that are found without this tag will be subject to temporary removal until corrected.



2. Immediately after (within 1 hour) you have posted a Treasury you shall leave comments on the 5 consecutive treasuries listed above your posted Treasury, just count backwards consecutively up the page. Leave a comment even if you have previously commented on the treasury before unless you are featured in and have already commented into that Treasury AND your comments do not include any other references to another team. Please do not post your link to your Treasury if you don't have time to leave a comment on the 5 Treasuries before yours, come back and post yours when you have the time to post comments to the others in the same session. Anytime a regular (NO BNR) Treasury is posted, this rule must be adhered to even if your posted Treasury is removed due to another reason as mentioned elsewhere in these rules. Anytime this comment rule is not followed (even if your post is removed) may be cause for removal from the team.

3. Within 1 hour after you post your Treasury, your team members that posted above you will expect to see your comments in their posted Treasury. If those comments are not made within that time period any postings that you have made (including that Treasury) within this team after that Treasury was posted, will be removed.
Once you have commented on those Treasuries above yours, all of your postings will be restored only if you send a convo to the team Captain

4. When a member comments, as mentioned above, and that comment is because of our teams 5 COMMENT RULE, NO team tag or initials that reference any team will be allowed to be shown in those comments, however our complete team tag may be used in those comments if desired.

When a leader is reviewing the 5 COMMENTS in the Treasuries above our members posted Treasury as a result of their posted Treasury into our team, if it is noticed that they have used another teams team tag or initials for any team, their posted Treasury will be removed.

5. Except for the BNR ONLY Treasury thread, each post must have only 1 link to a Treasury within it. If more than 1 link to a treasury is posted the entire post will be removed.

6. Any posted Treasury that does not have an "active link" in that post will be removed so it does not cause confusion to other members that post below it. Check to see that your link is "live" or "active" before you leave by actually clicking on that link in your post.

7. When it is noticed that a Treasury has been posted by a member of our team and the Treasury that is posted is from a Curator that is not a member of our team it will be removed if those shops are operated by the same owners.



1. When you want to post a Treasury, you must wait for at least 5 other treasuries to be posted after your last posted Treasury. So if the posts are done correctly, you will not see the same shop post more than 1 time in every 5 posts. You may post the same Treasury again if you like to get your comment numbers higher, but again, you must wait for at least 5 Treasuries after your last post to do so. Any member that sees these rules are not being followed may convo THE PROMOTION TEAM CAPTAIN and advise them but no posts to that effect will be allowed to be posted in the team threads.

2. Members that do not adhere to the 5 POSTING RULE will have their last two posted Treasuries removed.

3. You may promote any treasury you create, you are featured in or another person’s treasury. You are still required to adhere to rule #1.


1. Only post links to social networks into this thread. Do not post any listings or Treasury links. You may however post a listing IF you are offering that as a "giveaway" in your social media promotions.


1. Any listings or posts into this thread will not reference on sale, or percent off items but you may post free shipping listings. All on sale or percent off items will be posted into the SHOPS HAVING SALES thread.

2. Please only post in this above titled Discussion. In other words, do not start a new Discussion if you are posting a new listed item, renew sold or renew when there is already an on going topic. All violations to this rule will have the same action taken as mentioned above in the KEY RULE.

3. You may post as many as 5 listings into a single post. At the present time, you may also post as many times as you would like into this Discussion topic. This may change in the future, depending on the amount of posts from the same shops there are. In other words, if one entire page is filled up with the same shop promoting their items, this rule will have to be modified.

4. The member that posts the links for the listings must match the shop that has that listing for sale.

✔ SHOPS HAVING SALES­2365/page/1/

All postings into the SHOPS HAVING SALES thread must have or use 1 of the following:

1. "Etsy On Sale" App
When this app is used, you must choose to "Show Regular Price" as an option.

2. Etsy Coupon Codes

3. If 1 or 2 are not used, then the original selling price and the on sale price must both be shown in the listing.

4. The member that posts the links for the listings must match the shop that has that listing for sale.

All others that do not meet this criteria will be removed


Post the link to 1 item from the SHOP that posted before you

Only 1 listing per post and may not post a listing from your own shop or Favorite a listing of yours from your other shop accounts

Post them in the GENERAL QUESTIONS thread­4003/page/1


See rules on page 1 of that thread


See rules on page 1 of that thread

✔ FRONT PAGE­76508/page/1

This is the Etsy's Front Page:

This is NOT

If the treasury that you have

1. Curated and have
2. Promoted thru our team has made it to the Front Page of Etsy, please show all of us that Treasury and the date that you saw it on the Front Page.
Just post it into the above thread and follow the format that is showing on the last post of the last page.

Again, if your Curated Treasury has only made it to this page: it does not qualify to be posted into our FRONT PAGE thread.

Report this team to Etsy

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Report a post

Thank you for taking time to help Etsy! Please note that you will not receive a personal response about this report. We will review this post privately...

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Original Post

okbuyer says

Post your BNR only Treasury's here. This thread will not close

Posted at 1:04 am Jun 1, 2011 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

ThePromotionTeam says
Highlighted Post


If you are not the Curator of the BNR or BNS Treasury you are promoting it is understood that there would not be the presence of our team tag. In those cases THE PROMOTION TEAM will comment in those Treasury's as a way to promote our team to other shops that are leaving comments in those Treasury's.

Please let your Curators know to please not remove THE PROMOTION TEAM comments from those Treasury's as their Treasury that you have posted in our team may be removed.

We are all trying to help each other.

Posted at 4:28 pm Jul 3, 2011 EDT


theJuke2 says

The Days of the Week BNR is now open for Wednesday! There are 3 bonus spots, so the first 3 buyers (who don't already have a listing in the treasury) will earn TWO spots for their store!

Posted at 9:40 am Jun 1, 2011 EDT

theJuke2 says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 9:04 am Jun 2, 2011 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 4:38 pm Jun 7, 2011 EDT

okbuyer says

This post has been removed.

Posted at 6:14 pm Jun 7, 2011 EDT

This post has been removed.

Posted at 2:20 pm Jun 9, 2011 EDT

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